Who is to blame for Phillies’ catastrophic collapse against Miami?


Typical of the 2019 Phillies season, they sweep the defending world champions in Fenway Park only to lose the next game to the lowly Maimi Marlins. However, the way the Phillies lost the game was even more typical of their season.

The bats were popping as the Phillies scored 7 runs in the first three innings. Then the wheels started to come off as the Marlins’ scored 7 in one inning, tying the game and sending Vince Velasquez to an early exit. The Phillies retook the lead in the top of the 4th. They were unable to keep the lead. Horrible pitching and bad defense led to the Phillies losing the opener 19-11.

Ricky Bottalico again went off on a rant about this team:

Gabe Kapler

Philadelphia’s favorite person to place blame, however, it is easy to see why people are screaming for his head. His decision to pull Velasquez when he was clearly struggling led to the massive 7 run inning. Pulling Brad Miller for Maikel Franco that early in the game at first looked like the right move, but then blew up with a key error.

Kapler shares some of the blame here, but my main concern is that he is not improving with his decision making and feel for the game. Why start Miller only to pull him after three innings? It wasn’t even a double switch. I get that Don Mattingly brought in a left-handed pitcher in Wei-Yin Chen, but if you’re going to start a player he has to be counted on to hit both left and right-handed pitching. It feels like there are too many decisions by what the numbers say.

Matt Klentak

As I have written previously, Klentak had an amazing off-season, however, he failed to address the starting pitching. I can’t fault Klentak for going out and getting players that got injured, but he started the season with the same starting pitching that didn’t get it done the previous year. His approach at the deadline wasn’t the best either, opting for low price talent when there were plenty of good pitchers available. This team is designed to win and put up runs, however, if the pitchers can’t keep the lead against a horrible team then they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

The Front Office

John Middleton had the best offseason of everyone. He went all-in on Harper and really excited the fan-base. The question I have is why go in on one of the best players in baseball if you are not going to totally commit? The fact that they seem to be hesitant to go over the luxury tax is worrisome. If you are all-in, be all-in. None of this B.S either from President Andy MacPhail of “if we don’t, we don’t,” when asked about making the playoffs. This type of statement makes me believe that the front office is absolutely disconnected from their fanbase.

The Players

Ultimately the blame has to be on the players. The pitchers couldn’t get it done against the Marlins. They have to play better and not be on the losing end of games like that. The offense came to play, but the defense and the pitching have to be able to shut it down with a lead like that.

That game showed me this team just isn’t good enough. There is a lot of work to do roster wise. It’s almost September for the call ups. They need to be calling up the right players. I am talking about Spencer Howard, Adonis Medina, and Alec Bohm. Unfortunately, I feel like we’re going to see more of Phil Gosselin, Nick Williams, and Maikel Franco.

Speaking of Alec Bohm:

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