Kapler’s response to Phillies’ poor hitting is questionable at best


Gabe Kapler’s post-game press conference Sunday was bizarre. His positive outlook is just not a Philadelphia trait. We like those who call it like it is. So when the Phillies score only 5 runs in two games against a really bad San Diego team, the fan base wants to hear and see the manager get fired up. Well, that’s not Kapler. In fact, Kapler goes extremely positive and the results will have you asking “what is he saying?”

Here is Gabe Kapler’s post-game quote from Sunday afternoon. “… frustrating to lose today’s baseball game. Really proud of the grind, of the at-bats. We saw 110 pitches off their starter, saw 27 pitches with three outs in the ninth.”

Reaction to Kapler

Let’s start with the last sentence. I understand that Kapler is a positive person, but to try and say that he is happy with the way they played is ridiculous. He said he likes that they saw 27 pitches off of the closer! The closer struck out all three batters in the ninth. And 110 pitches from the starter!

I don’t give a rat’s rear end how many pitches the Phillies’ batters look at. I’d rather see 30 pitches from the starter and have him pulled from the game because they are hitting the snot out of the ball. This approach of seeing pitches is just bizarre to me. I want the hitters to see one pitch and drive it into the stratosphere.

Kapler on Hoskins

“Rhys had really good at-bats. The first at-bat of the game was great and set a tone exactly the way we want our leadoff hitter to set the tone. He hit a 400+ foot fly ball off Munoz throwing 100 mph.”

This evening while listening to the coaches’ show on the radio, Kapler doubled down on his assessment of Hoskins. Kapler explained that Hoskins had loud contact, couldn’t control where the ball went. He further said that he is seeing pitches and hitting the ball hard, adding that he is doing everything he is supposed to be doing. Below is Kapler’s explanation of why he has Hoskins batting leadoff for the Red Sox series.

Despite last night’s game where Hoskins actually got a hit, Hoskins has been plain awful. He is batting 2 for 20 with 4 walks since being moved to the leadoff spot. Hoskins is not a leadoff hitter. If this slide keeps up, do the Phillies look to move on? I am a Hoskins fan, but facts are he hasn’t been the same since getting hit in the face with a foul ball.

Kapler needs to be honest with us

I am rooting for Kapler to be successful here in Philadelphia. I am also hopeful he can learn a lot from Charlie Manuel. But, he has to start by ditching the positive, “everything is great” mentality he gives us. I want to see him pissed off. In the press conference mentioned above, you can see he is frustrated and pissed off. Let’s see a little emotion.

I want to see Kapler give us an honest breakdown. Something like this. “Hoskins isn’t hitting, so we tried to get him going by moving him to the leadoff spot. At first, it worked but he continues to struggle so we have to go back to the drawing board. It’s time to be a coach. Charlie and I are going to get Rhys hitting.”

The Phillies started off the Red Sox series with a win, but the hitting struggles continued. After putting three runs on the Sox starter, they were shut down for the next 8 innings. I am hoping they turn this around.