2020 linebacker Malcolm Britt Talks Temple and Old Dominion plus other schools showing interest.

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2020 3-star outside linebacker Malcolm Britt plays for Oscar Smith high school in Chesapeake, Virginia and is one of the top 40 prospects in the area. I talked with the 6-0 207 pound linebacker about his recruitment with Philly Sports Network.

LJ: What visits do you have scheduled?

Malcolm: Currently don’t have any visits in stone.

LJ: How do you feel about Old Dominion? Do you plan to visit?

Malcolm: Old dominion has been close to my heart from the beginning of the recruiting process especially with the love from the coaches they also have a good internship with my major which is a huge plus.

LJ: What schools stay in contact with you the most?

Malcolm: ODU and Liberty stay in contact with me the most out of any school. I’ll probably talk to a coach from those schools every 1-2 weeks.

LJ: How do you feel about Temple? When do you plan to visit?

Malcolm: Temple was my first scholarship offer, but with the coaching changes for a while I didn’t really have an official offer from them, this spring they actually came down and re-offered me, it’s a good school, they play really good football in an underrated conference

LJ: What are you looking for in a program to commit to?

Malcolm: I’m looking for a school who accepts me for me, who wants me and treats me as a priority, also I want to be in a good position for life after football with my major and degree and I want a chance to compete and play football in a system that is best for me

LJ: Any schools that haven’t offered showing heavy interest?

Malcolm: Stanford and Vanderbilt were two schools that were showing interest but no talk of offers were made.

LJ: How did you perform last season? What were your stats?

Malcolm: Last season I had over 70 tackles, 9+ sacks, 4 interceptions and 5 forced fumbles.

LJ: When do you plan to make your decision on a college?

Malcolm: I plan on announcing my college decision in September

LJ: What coaches have you grown a great relationship with during your recruiting process?

Malcolm: A few coaches from ODU, Coach Comissiong is probably the coach that has been recruiting me the longest and we have a great relationship and he keeps things real and transparent from liberty coach Johnson and I have built a good relationship throughout the springtime.