Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Who May Be Exposed At The 2021 Expansion Draft?

Which Flyers team will the world see this coming season? Will it be the inconsistent hockey team that people have witnessed for the past few years, or will it finally be a consistent orange and black hockey team? Hopefully, it’s the consistent version this season. Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

For starters, Morgan Frost, Isaac Ratcliffe, and Joel Farabee will be exempt from being exposed at the Expansion Draft that is supposed to take place at the end of the 2020-21 season. Players that have played two years or less as a Pro (AHL level or above, is considered Pro level) are exempt from being exposed, thus Frost, Ratcliffe, and Farabee would fall into that category. Moreover, any player that has a no-trade clause would have to be protected. If they refuse to waive their no-trade clause, this means that Claude Giroux and Kevin Hayes would have to be protected.

The Flyers more than likely will use the 7-3-1 protection list, and here are some notable players that may be exposed because of such:

Jakub Voracek

James Van Riemsdyk

Shayne Gostisbehere

Samuel Morin (If he’s still here)

Robert Hagg (If he’s still here)

I think it would be a possibility, only if Travis Konecny and Ivan Provorov re-sign soon. That way Chuck Fletcher would know how exactly how much money he has to play with in terms of cap space, as opposed to just assuming what these two players would re-sign for. One player on my radar is Ryan Reaves from the Vegas Golden Knights. The Flyers lack grit, and toughness right now. Reaves would fit in nicely here in Philadelphia. He has a $2.75 million cap hit, however.

The Flyers now have a coaching staff that is very experienced with coaching approximately 2,500 combined games, but more importantly, they will hold their players accountable. The players will have nowhere to hide, and they better bring their best effort on a nightly basis.

Alain Vigneault wants to win a Stanley Cup, and he hopes it is here in Philadelphia, as he has stated multiple times this offseason. Vigneault wants to limit the number of times players use the dump and chase system, as well as, pair Left-Handed Defencemen with Right-Handed Defencemen. He is trying to make this team less predictable.

Vigneault knows what it takes to succeed in this league. He communicates effectively with his players, so each one knows exactly where they stand. This type of stuff goes a long way during a long season. With that being said, I do believe Vigneault is the right man for the job. He will get the most out of his players, and for these reasons, I do believe the Flyers will make the playoffs this year. Maybe not a Stanley Cup this season, but this young Flyers team will be a competitive one for sure.

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5 thoughts on “Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Who May Be Exposed At The 2021 Expansion Draft?

  1. Stupid gm now maybe he can make things better by bringing in Ryan nugent hopkins from Edmonton for provorov before he sells the farm to sign him he is only worth 4-5 million per send raffl too another dum signing for puuarjvi from Edmonton

  2. What will Flyers do if Shayne Gostisbehere merely had an off year last season? What if there was friction between him and Dave Hakstol and Ghost hated playing a different style than the offensive attack style Ghost knows and loves playing? With a new coach, Gostisbehere gets a fresh start and may get to be the player HE wants to be.

    So the question is this: Ghos or Philippe Myers may not both be able to be protected because Chuck Fletcher has given Kevin Hayes a NMC and must be protected. Think about that.

  3. Hayes is a center and plays 200 ft. JVR does not. Hayes plays on the PK and takes face offs. Can’t really compare the two based only on PPG

  4. Finally! A writer who is aware of the Seattle expansion draft in June 2021. It will be here before you know it. Way to enlighten the fans Jamey

    I still can’t figure out why Chuck Fletcher gave Kevin Hayes a no trade clause. It was a foolish move on his part and hopefully, when Flyer fans see who that move costs us, Fletcher gets canned for his stupidity. Hayes was not good enough to protect and with his term and salary, what GM in the NHL would have taken him in the draft. Dumb, very dumb.

    1. Look at some of the contracts he gave out in Minny and his boss(Homer) gave them out like halloween candy. Other than the obvious in Suter and Parise he also handed them to Spurgeon, Koivu and Dubnyk.
      Think about this…
      Hayes 1st 2 seasons was 22 and 23 years old put up .521ppg.
      Patrick was 19 and 20 with .421ppg

      JVR was given 7 per with no clauses and has a career .653ppg
      Hayes 7.142 with nmc and a career .601ppg.
      Couts 4.33 with no clauses with .593ppg
      Ghost 4.5 no clause with a career .627ppg.

      That Hayes contract is concerning all around. NMC for 3 years then a modified for the next 4 having to submit 12 team no trade list. I dont see Couts having a issue but getting 2.8 per less sets a much higher bar or cost going forward. JVR was considered the 2nd best FA after Tavares and got 7 per being more productive but 2 years older but no clause. I hope im wrong but this Hayes contract could be a current version of Vinny or Bryz

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