Mika Cyr Makes Impression At Flyers Developmental Camp

Mandatory Credit: Marc Grandmaison

The Flyers like players with versatility, for instance, centers that can play both center and wing. Mika Cyr is that guy, and he can hit the net with accuracy. Unfortunately, his size, as he stands at 5’9,” is one of the main reasons he has gone undrafted in the past three drafts. Cyr has been playing hockey practically since he was born, as he hails from Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB, CAN, which turns out to be a great hockey town.

Cyr was an invite to Flyers Developmental Camp last week, and boy did he open some eyes. The young man in Cyr can skate, shoot, and well it looks as though he has eyes in the back of his head. He missed almost half of the 2016-17 season with growth plate issues, but that has not slowed him down one bit. He was fifth on the team in scoring in 2017-18 with 40 points, and fourth on the team in 2018-19 with 67 points. He is just realizing his star potential, and there is a reason he is an Alternate Captain.

I continue to work on my shooting, and it’s paying off right now. It will continue for sure…hopefully (Laughing).”

Cyr continues, “Moncton just told me to have fun at Flyers Developmental Camp, and learn everything I can. They said to bring that back this season, and yea it’s going to work out for me.”

This young stud is 19-years-old, and boy can he shoot. To be quite honest, his hockey skills rank off the charts, and he just knows how to put the biscuit top shelf, “Where Momma hides the cookies.” Believe it or not, Cyr is also a good skater, and he knows when to turn on the jets. He reminds me a lot of Danny Briere, and we all know how his career ended up. Cyr is a ball of energy, and he never quits on a play. All in all, Cyr possesses all the tools to succeed in the NHL, and he could be a valuable asset for the Flyers in the future. Cyr says he has been invited to Rookie Camp in the Fall, “Yes, I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything, but yea. It’s looked pretty good (Laughing).”

The young stud continues, “I want to take away the experience from this camp. I mean just everything in general, every on-ice session, I just want to learn a lot to try, and bring that to next season.”

Cyr has really matured into a solid playmaker. He’s well composed on the ice and remains very calm. Cyr turns on the jets in the neutral zone and razzles and dazzles between defenders. Moreover, he’s like a magician on skates, as he is never out on a play. Cyr just appears out of nowhere to break up plays in the defensive zone, as well.

His parents have helped him evolve into the player he is today, and person for that matter, “My family has been so good to me, especially with sports. I’m so thankful for them, they have no idea, but they mean a lot to me.”

This young stud in Cyr was born July 14, 1999, and this was a day a star was born. He found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from the time he was born. Cyr is learning the game proper way, and he takes nothing for granted.

This 19-year-old young prospect in Cyr knew the importance of just having fun, and building confidence for the new season in 2018-19. Cyr worked hard in the offseason, and he was able to improve his game tremendously. In his third full season for the Moncton Wildcats, he registered 28 goals, and 38 assists in 66 games played. Cyr seemed to have a ton of confidence for the Wildcats, en route to a career season.

Cyr is a player that can help the Flyers organization in the future. He could turn out to be quite a steal for this team if he has a good camp in the Fall. Hopefully, Cyr will be offered an ELC with the orange and black, if he indeed has a good camp in the Fall. One thing is certain Flyers fans, the future is bright in Flyer land.

Mandatory Credit: Marc Grandmaison