Sons of Ben President says “It’s great to be an SoB,” as Union begin grueling road stretch


Earlier this week Philadelphia Union supporters group Sons of Ben President Matt Gendaszek release a personal statement in an email blast reminding everyone why it’s great to be an SoB

Mandatory Credit: Sons of Ben

Most times when the President of the Sons of Ben is called upon to release an official statement to the supporters group, it revolves around some type of negative fan conduct. However, not this time.

The statement mainly highlighted the numerous positives the often criticized fan group has encountered over the last week and a half. As the team enjoys a mini-break from MLS play, so do the Sons of Ben. With no soccer to cheer on, the SoBs enjoyed some off-the-pitch good news.

To start, the SoBs have recently created successful partnership with Herman’s Coffee. A new specialty blend of coffee will launching titled ‘No Coffee, No Partee.’ Profits from sales will benefit the numerous charitable avenues the SoBs often support.

Mandatory Credit: Sons of Ben

Next up on the positive checklist for the SoBs: beer. Perhaps the most recognizable venture the SoBs have made possible is their partnership with the Philadelphia based Yards Brewing Company. News was released this week that Yards will begin distributing this year’s Sons of Ben Rowdy Ale on July 1st. You can find a pint of the foamy deliciousness at most nearby watering holes next month.

Mandatory Credit: Sons of Ben

But perhaps much much more importantly for the SoBs was the midweek news that rumbled through Union camp.

By now, the signing of American-German forward Andrew Wooten has made it’s way through the fan base but when the announcement occurred originally, many supporters were both shocked and pleased.

According to Matt Gendaszek, Sons of Ben President, the signing was received with much glee. In his statement he compares Sporting Director Ernst Tanner as a ‘Santa Claus’ type figure; one who reached into his “
his magical TAM bag” to secure funding for Wooten’s arrival. (TAM=Targeted Allocation Money).

The SoBs also enjoyed some face to face time with the general public as well over the last week. With a couple of trips to local pubs in the middle of the week, the SoBs hosted Joe Tansey and Sean Brace of the ‘Union Soccer Podcast’, and later the always hilarious ‘Men in Blazers‘ duo of Michael Davies and Roger Bennett.

Brace and Tansey hosted Union Head Coach Jim Curtin who openly fielded questions from a pub full of Union supporters. As Gendaszek mentioned in his statement, Curtin making an appearance AND fielding questions for a live broadcast podcast from fans is a bit unheard of in this day in age, so good on Curtin for continuing to be a man of the people.

Often times, the SoBs get a bad rap. But ultimately it’s a group of extremely passionate individuals. The same individuals that brought MLS to Philadelphia.

And now this group is finally able to thoroughly enjoy their club’s record-breaking season as they remain perched atop the Eastern Conference table. It must be a very positive and perhaps even a bit spiritual for the SoBs at the present moment. For 10 years, they’ve begged and pleaded for success and now they are witnessing the best season in franchise history so far.

So like Gendaszek said profoundly: “It’s a great time to be an SoB.”

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Peace out Union fans!

Mandatory Credit: Sons of Ben