Credit where it’s due: Philadelphia Union and MLS love our Instagram content

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This past weekend at the Philadelphia Union home opener, Philly Sports Network began its implementation of Instagram content showcasing fans, and the atmosphere of a live sporting event. Apparently, the content sparked interest from not only Philadelphia fans, but also the Philadelphia Union and MLS.

At Talen Energy Stadium on Saturday before the match, the Union show content from Twitter or Instagram on their big screen. As I was settling into the river end talking to some anxious/optimistic Son’s of Ben members I saw that one of our Instagram posts were featured on the big screen. As I went to snap a picture of it, it vanished. The club saw our picture and thought, it was worthy of being broadcasted to a larger audience, so they put it on the big board. Philly Sports Network’s picture and name were broadcast to all the Union faithful. That was a great moment, it was one I’d hope our new Insta content would achieve. Then Sunday happened.

MLS has been producing Facebook Live recap shows every Sunday in 2017. The show does a great job review the action from Saturday, and previewing the marquee matches that take place on Sunday. They also run segments that encourage interaction through Facebook live, and also highlight other social media content. They started a segment called  “Best of the Gram” segment where hosts Andrew Wiebe and Calen Carr show the best pictures on Instagram from the MLS weekend. MLS picked our picture of fans standing in front of  the new SOB mural at Talen Energy Stadium Without even knowing it, MLS showcased the new style of Instagram content that Philly Sports Network is putting out. If you’d like to watch the video, here’s the full version; go to 13 minutes 30 seconds.


As for the progression of Philly Sports Network Instagram content, we will try to make 4-6 posts at Union home matches this season. This content will consist of highlighting the fans, and atmosphere of the game. In-the-moment reactions, and fan showcases will be the majority of the content. Be on the look out for more of this at Philadelphia Union home games. Who knows, you may even make it onto the Union’s big board, or even onto MLS content!

If you haven’t checked out this new content on Instagram please do so. Here’s a screenshot of our content from the last match. Check us out on Insta at phillysportsnetwork.

Be on the lookout for an MLS recap of week 2, and a preview of the Union’s week three match at Orlando City SC. Until then, peace out Union fans.