The Flyers Must Keep These Two Mid-Round Targets In Mind

Photo: Doug Westcott

Finally, the NHL Draft has come to full circle. Flyers fans are pumped and ready to go, for good reason, as the team appears to be in a “Win now,” mode, according to General Manager Chuck Fletcher.

With that let’s hope the Flyers can become a more consistent hockey team next season, as the Flyers faithful hope to rejoice with a parade down Broad Street in a few years. People can already hear the voice of the iconic Gene Hart saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flyers are going to win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers win the Stanley Cup! The Flyers have won the Stanley Cup!.” This draft can be one key to the Flyers immediate success. Without further delay here are two mid-round selections that Fletcher should have his eye on.

Round 3: (Pick 72)  RW, Sasha Mutala

Mutala is a 6’1,” 196-pound lumberjack, that plays for the Tri-City Americans. While playing for the Americans this past season, he really became a force to be reckoned with.

The Americans product in Mutala is a skilled right-winger that makes players better. He can fore-check with the best of them, and Mutala creates a ton of turnovers in the process. Mutala has his eye on the prize that’s for sure, “My ultimate goal has always been to win a Stanley Cup,” Mutala explained to me in an interview last month,” It’s hockey’s ultimate prize, and even some NHL players never win it.”

Mutala uses his blazing speed and gritty hard-work to his advantage. For the 2018-19 season, he registered 20 goals, and 21 assists for a total of 41 points in 65 games played. He really is a solid two-way player, that transitions from zone to zone well. Mutala never gives up on a play and has a heart of Gold.

Round 4: (Pick 103) RHD, Cole Moberg

Talk about a guy that was under the radar in the WHL, heading into the 2018-19 campaign. Moberg needed a big year in a big way, and boy did he ever deliver.

The Prince George Cougar product, Moberg is an offensively skilled player that makes everyone on the ice better. Moberg has a great vision of the ice and has the ability to skate with the best of them. He is gifted defensively but can lead the plays up the ice, as well. Moberg loves to join the rush, as he can transition out of the defensive zone with the best of them.

Moberg changes gears quickly and will outmaneuver defensemen and forwards alike. For the 2018-19 season, he potted 13 goals, and 27 assists for a total of 40 points in 61 games played. Simply put, Moberg does it all. Is he possibly the next Sami Kapanen for the orange and black???? Well, one can only hope, “I can play Forward, I haven’t played Forward in a while, but I will if a team needs help I’m sure I can figure it out,” Moberg said in an interview with me last month.

Both of these prospects could help the Flyers in a much-needed way in the future. The right-wing and RHD positions are of need for the orange and black. Now is the time to build a winner, and these two prospects could sure aide the Flyers in that way in a few years.

Mandatory Photo Credit: Doug Westcott