Flyers Prospect Watch: The Entry-Level Contract Game

DALLAS, TX – JUNE 23: Wyatte Wylie speaks to the media after being selected 127th overall by the Philadelphia Flyers during the 2018 NHL Draft at American Airlines Center on June 23, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Do you wanna play a game?

With the 2019 NHL Entry Draft a week away, prospects are on the mind of most fan bases. Even if your interest in a franchise typically surrounds just the NHL roster, this is the time of year where you at least pay some attention to the prospect pool.

Although the Philadelphia Flyers are getting ready to welcome a brand new class of prospect to its franchise, the farm system is already stocked full with promising youth. However, a lot of these young players have yet to sign their entry-level contracts with the organization for various reasons.

Today’s game will revolve around that team. We will visit every unsigned prospect in the system and determine whether an ELC with Flyers is in their future.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Samuel Ersson

Samuel Ersson is the lone quality goalie prospect in the Flyers system yet to sign his entry-level contract. Drafted in the fifth round of last years draft, Philadelphia really isn’t in a rush to sign him to a contract at this point. There is no need to panic though. Ersson will eventually be on the Flyers payroll.

Marcus Westfalt

Similar to Ersson, there is still plenty of time to decide Marcus Westfalt’s fate. However, the chances of the former seventh-round pick actually signing his ELC are far less likely. He simply doesn’t produce the numbers necessary to grab Philadelphia’s attention. Unless he steps up his production drastically, I don’t seem him in the organization down the road.

Ivan Fedotov

Unfortunately, Ivan Fedotov is the odd man out when it comes to Flyers goalie prospects. He is not equipped with the potential of Ersson, Felix Sandstrom, or Kirill Ustimenko. An entry-level contract from the Flyers just isn’t in the cards for him.

Tanner Laczynski

The time for Tanner Laczynski to sign his entry-level contract was this past spring. I do not love a player’s chances of signing with the team that drafted them if they are forced to go into their senior year of college. Does Laczynski a contract? I believe so. However, my gut says it is not going to happen.

Wyatt Kalynuk

As a former seventh-round pick, Wyatt Kalynuk is turning a lot of heads and proving to be a bit of a late-round steal. He’s had two solid years playing for the University of Wisconsin and will take on more of a leadership role next season. I expect Kalynuk to sign his ELC after he completes his junior year in Wisconsin.

Noah Cates

Noah Cates still has some seasoning to do at Minnesota-Duluth but I love him in a future bottom-six role in Philadelphia. He will sign his entry-level deal after his junior year.

Wade Allison

Wade Allison is another one of those cases where he is heading into his senior year of college. However, if it wasn’t for injury struggles this season, I do believe he would have signed with the Flyers this past spring. As long as there are no more setbacks, I believe he will still sign his ELC with Philadelphia.

Jack St. Ivany

Similar to Cates, St. Ivany still needs some time in college to develop. He put together a solid effort in his freshman campaign for Yale and should progress next season. I also expect him to sign his entry-level contract after his junior year.

Gavin Hain

There is still plenty of time for Gavin Hain to prove me wrong. However, I do not think he will do enough to deserve a contract in such a deep prospect pool.

Jay O’Brien

The Jay O’Brien situation has been quite the roller coaster already. I’m a little concerned about this move to the BCHL; however, I’m not willing to lose all faith in him yet. I still say he will eventually sign his entry-level deal.

Olle Lycksell

I just don’t see the Flyers signing Olle Lycksell. The forward depth is too strong and he has not done enough.

Linus Hogberg

The Flyers are lacking quality depth in the signed blueline prospect category. An argument could be made that Linus Hogberg should already have a contract but I do believe that it will eventually happen.

David Bernhardt

I don’t see it happening.

Adam Ginning

I’m constantly reading mixed reviews about Adam Ginning. There isn’t much offensive production there but it would be foolish to not at least give him a shot in Lehigh Valley. I believe he will eventually sign.

Wyatte Wylie

First and foremost, the Flyers should have already signed Wyatte Wylie to his entry-level contract. He has all the tools necessary to succeed in the NHL one day. He needs to continue his development against tougher competition with the Phantoms. I’m hopeful that he will be signed at training camp. If not, he will receive his contract after next season.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images