First Carson Wentz contract details highlight another Howie home run


Carson Wentz became the $107M man last weekend, at least, that’s how much of his new four-year $128M extension was guaranteed. The star quarterback penned what is essentially a six-year future in Philadelphia, but details were scarce.

ESPN’s Field Yates took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal the following:

2019: $720,000 base salary

2020: $1.383 million base salary/ $8 million roster bonus

2021: $3.9 million base salary, $10 million roster bonus

2022: $18.5 million base salary, $1,000 roster bonus

2023: $18 million base salary, $5 million roster bonus

2024: $21 million base salary, $5 million roster bonus

Signing bonus: $16,367,683

Incentives/escalators: $16 million

This is all very interesting, so let’s break it down.

Firstly, we still don’t know where the guaranteed money sits each season. Is it loaded up front, or stashed at the back? On that note, with $16M of escalators and incentives, they’re likely used in 2019 and 2022, the lightest cap hits and will give Wentz a chance to maximize his value. This is an assumption, but why else would he be making a $1,000 roster bonus in 2022?

Outside of that, the Eagles have a team option in 2020 that will cost them $30M. It is HIGHLY unlikely the team don’t pick this up, making his actual cap hit that year around $31.8M.

Focusing on cap hits, here’s how they will roughly pan out.

2019: $8.4M (costing the Eagles that currently, despite $720K base salary).
2020: $31.8M
2021: 13.9M (look for incentives here)
2022: 18.6M (look for incentives here)
2023: 23M
2024: 26M

Signing bonus: 16M
Incentives: 16M

Total: $153.7M

What’s really key to note here is that outside of next year’s option, Wentz’s contract doesn’t actually eclipse $30M. Again, this is without knowing how incentives, signing bonuses, etc are laid out, so the actual cap hits may be different in actuality, but it’s a pretty strong structure to look at and would provide the Eagles with some exceptional bang for their buck.

Carson Wentz looks the healthiest he has since the heart of 2017 and we’ve already explained why the timing of this deal was so important. The Eagles maximize the value in a quarterback who if fully healthy, is easily a leading MVP candidate with such an explosive offense surrounding him.

Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports