Do the Eagles actually have a weakness? 2019 Positional breakdown

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We’re so close to the start of the NFL season! Next week starts mandatory minicamp for the Eagles (June 11th) and all of your favorite players will be in uniform getting ready for the 2019 season.

It’s been eight years since the infamous “Dream Team” comment by Vince Young. That year the Eagles brought in nine new players, which sparked that memorable phrase.

This year’s team has eight new faces via trade or free agency, with a few more “new” faces coming to the team after previous stints with the Eagles, namely DeSean Jackson and Vinny Curry. However, this team won’t be the offseason “Dream Team”, they’ll dominate on the field as well.

But with all of those returning, new, and reunited players, is there one position group that can be deemed the weakness of the team? Let’s take a look.

Find out on the pages below.