Flyers 2019 Draft Profiles: Nicholas Robertson ready to follow in brother’s footsteps

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If you grew up in Southern California. Who would think about playing hockey? Well, the Robertson brothers have done just that, and they are some pretty darn good hockey players. Nicholas and Jason Robertson have been playing hockey practically since they were born. Jason, of course, was drafted by the Dallas Stars with the 39th Overall Pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, and Nicholas is trying to go down the same road as his older brother. “I feel very excited right now. Just all the time and money spent on my hockey journey has been a lot, and to be on the cusp of getting drafted this June, will feel very rewarding but I know the job isn’t finished yet. My family is very excited as well, especially cause my brother went through the same process.”

Nicholas Robertson is one of the youngest draft-eligible players in this year’s draft, making the cutoff by just 4 days. To be quite honest, his hockey skills outweigh his size, as he stands at 5’9.” Robertson is so darn explosive as he pushes the play up the ice, and his first step is what really makes him a gem. Robertson is a mini Travis Konecny, and Flyers fans know all too well how his career is ending up. Konecny stands at 5’10,” but he is a ball of energy, much like Robertson. All in all, Robertson possesses all the tools to succeed in the NHL.

“My ultimate goal when I was younger was to play in the NHL,Robertson exclaims,It’s been a dream since I can remember, and I’m striving to live in it.

The young stud continues, Playing in the OHL is challenging, but comfortable. Playing an NHL like schedule, a lot of games, packed barns, as well. It’s a lot of fun and to play against top draft picks/prospects, it makes me a better player. Playing for the Petes is humbling due to the fact of what kind of players went through the organization, such as Steve Yzerman.”

Robertson has matured into a playmaking machine and one that is a great skater. His first few steps might be the best in the draft, as he accelerates and blows by Defenders. Robertson is a physical player (like Konecny), as he gets right into the forecheck. He will hit Defenders to create turnovers, and get to the net to pot a goal. Robertson credits his former Coach from California for a lot of his success.

I would say my coach from California, Igor. He’s from Europe and he taught me how to stick handle properly, and how to be effective with it. He kind of marked my playing style as a skillful, puck possession oriented player.”

This young stud in Robertson was born on September 11, 2001, in Arcadia, CA, USA. It was a tough day for the United States with the attacks of the World Trade Center (May God bless the USA), but it was a day a star was born. He found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from the time he was born. Robertson even moved to Toronto to play Minor Midget AAA Hockey for the Toronto Red Wings in 2016-17. Some would say he was crazy for leaving his hometown in California, but he moved for a bigger opportunity. The good thing is, it has paid off in a big way thus far.

Robertson plays all three zones well. He’s insanely fast, and the kid can just flat out score. One thing that he does need to improve upon is staying disciplined, but that will come in time. Maybe it’s his favorite food that helps him stay focused at the task at hand, or his pre-game regimen for that matter, “My favorite food would be Steak. There are so many things on a game day, but for the most part just napping, eating, getting dressed, driving the same way, watching clocks, focusing by myself, taping my stick certain a way, etc.”

This 17-year-old young prospect knew the importance of just having fun, and letting the game come to him this past season. Robertson worked hard in the off-season, and was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2018-19 season. In just his second season for the Peterborough Petes, he registered 27 goals, and 28 assists for a total of 55 points in 54 games played. Robertson blasted his career high in points set in 2017-18 with 33 for the Petes. He just looked more at ease, and comfortable in his role this past season.

The Pete Product in Robertson is a natural goal scorer that possesses a quick release. Robertson hits the net accurately, and Robertson has transformed the Petes offense into a legit threat in just his second season for them. His effort and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. He is currently ranked #38 by Bob McKenzie, so maybe he falls to the Flyers in the second round. Robertson leaves us with this unique message:

Flyers fans could expect a skillful, tenacious hockey player who loves to have the puck on his stick, and is relentless on the ice. Also, a player who can make quick decisions, and is very focused…a determined player to help the team win a championship.”

Mandatory Photo Credit: Terry Wilson – OHL Images.