Flyers 2019 Draft Profiles: Winger Mikhail Abramov is ready to work hard

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It’s never too early to start talking about the NHL Draft, and this particular draft is a critical one for the orange and black. Hopefully, newly crowned General Manager Chuck Fletcher provides some answers with more defensive depth, Center, and Wing depth to restock the prospect cupboard.

In year’s past, the Flyers relied heavily on Head Scout Chris Pryor and the drafting guru in Ron Hextall for overall success during the draft. Gone are those days, as this year the Flyers have a new General Manager in charge of the draft in Fletcher. With that being said, there’s a Center/Winger that might catch the eye of Fletcher in the first round, and that is no other than a speedy, playmaking machine in Mikhail Abramov.

When Abramov was younger he didn’t care about making the NHL. Abramov knew how tough it was going to be to get drafted into the NHL. As he got older, he became more dedicated to the sport of hockey, and it turns out he was a pretty damn good hockey player. Abramov has matured into a speedy, playmaking machine, and he now has a new thought process, “This is very good news for me and for my parents. It is not an easy job to get into the NHL Draft, but you need to work more to play in this league.”

Abramov was born on March 26, 2001, in Moskva, RUS (AKA little hockey). This native of Russia found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey mainly from Pavel Datsyuk. He watched Datsyuk a lot when he was younger and he idolized him, and that’s how a star was born. Abramov is a 5’10″, 178 mid weight player, that is very gifted Offensively. Moreover, Abramov can board battle with the best of them, and that can be of some benefit for the Flyers in the future. That’s one area that needs to improve with the orange an black, and Abramov would be willing to help that’s for sure, “I don’t know why I’ve got it this way. I’ve got it from childhood. I will improve on my shortcomings for the next season, and try to improve what’s important in hockey…the power of technique.”

The young prospect in Abramov continues, “My parents probably gave only a great experience for me, so that everything would work out for me. They may have expected more beautiful and clever hockey from me (Laughing).”

This now 18-year old, young prospect knew the importance of just having fun, and letting the game come to him. Abramov worked very hard in the offseason, and was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2018-19 season. In his first season away from Russia he registered 16 goals, and 38 assists for a total of 54 points in 62 games played for the Victoriaville Tigers in 2018-19. Abramov showed determination and grit to improve his game, and that’s exactly what transpired.

Abramov is one hard-working individual and one that is a pure goal scorer. He’s a talented playmaker, that creates space with his speed and direction. Abramov is outstanding with skating, thus creating passing lanes. He also protects the puck very well.

“I focus on more work, and am hard-working. I really focus on hard-work, as this is important.”

This young prospect from Moskva has transformed the Tigers offense into a legit threat in just his first season for them. Abramov has a lethal wrist shot, and it really showed this past season. His effort and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL, and Abramov can thank his current idol for that,For hockey, I love Connor McDavid at the moment. But, I won’t stop working. I also love Carbonara Pasta.”

Hopefully, Abramov continues to mold himself into a fine hockey player. He has a blistering shot, and Abramov can hit the net with ease. The Flyers need a pure goal scorer and one that is not afraid to shoot the puck. Well, Abramov is that player, and he could pay huge dividends for the Flyers in the future.

photo credit: Mikhail Denisov