Flyers Prospect Morgan Frost strives to grow as a leader in fourth OHL season


As the Ron Hextall era of Philadelphia Flyers hockey rolls along, fans have learned to keep a close eye on the organization’s future. Aside from Carter Hart, there is no other prospect within Philadelphia’s farm system discussed more than Morgan Frost.

The Flyers selected Frost with the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. He then caught the attention of the team’s fanbase during the 2017-18 OHL season. Frost registered 42 goals and 70 assists in 67 games with the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. His 112 points that season was a 50-point improvement from the year before. Thirteen games into the 2018-19 season and Frost seems to be up to his old tricks. His 24 points have him close to the top of the OHL in scoring once again. Additionally, spectators think he can pull off another miraculous year similar to 2017-18.

As impressive as his numbers are, they do not paint a full picture of Frost. When he eventually pulls that orange and black sweater over his head full-time, the Flyers will be gaining more than just an abundance of goals and assists.

There is no better way to obtain information about who Frost is than go directly to the source. Let’s learn a little about Morgan Frost from Morgan Frost, shall we?

The fact is that none of us become who we are today without a few outside influences. Yes, we may put forth all of the labor; however; there are always people that help guide us on our journey. For Frost, those people include his parents and coaches.

“My family had a huge impact on me.  Many of the coaches I have worked with throughout my career have taught me countless lessons and pushed me to be better.”

We also have the idols that draw us to a particular craft. Frost’s icon is someone he could very well go up against some day.

“Growing up I was always a huge Patrick Kane fan, he’s so gifted offensively and I always enjoyed watching him play.”

Working to one day lace your skates in the National Hockey Leauge is quite demanding. Each prospect is looking for ways to improve and standout. However, it’s not all about pointing out areas that need more work. You need to be able to identify who you are as a player already. Frost is well aware of the kind of player he is, enabling him to enhance his craft effectively.

“I think I’m a player who sees the ice well and likes to make plays. I enjoy setting up my teammates and being a guy in the room who guys like to be around.”

Of course, Frost knows there are aspects of his game that need improvement. His goals for this season revolve around those areas of his game.

“I want to work on improving my play without the puck, being hard to play against on defence and grow as a leader.”

The 19-year-old Frost is already demonstrating the mentality of a leader. A leader is always hungry for a challenge, knowing that with obstacles come rewards. When asked which player from any era he’d like to compete against, his response emulates that of someone with a “never back down” mentality. Additionally, it shows the level of intelligence Frost brings to the table. For him, everything is a learning experience.

“I would like to play against any of the best goalies in history, I like to learn goalies tendencies if I play them enough and the challenge of scoring on the best ever would be pretty cool.”

Frost is in the midst of his final year in the Ontario Hockey League. The end of his Sault Ste. Marie tenure means that next season he will either be taking the ice for the Philadelphia Flyers or the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. He appreciates what he has learned playing for the Greyhounds but understands that there is more work to be done at the next level.

“The next level is obviously a huge jump but I think in junior it’s about starting to learn to play the right way and being a dependable player.”

There is no denying that Morgan Frost is an exceptional player. Whether it be next year or the year after, he will be an essential member of the Flyers roster for years to come. To end this piece, Frost had some words for all Flyers fans, letting them know what to expect in the future.

“I am a skilled forward, I like to be creative and deceptive. I have always been a pass first player and I enjoy creating plays when I have the puck on my stick. I am working on becoming more of a two way player so I can hopefully be considered a reliable player in all situations at the next level.”

Special thanks to Morgan Frost and the Soo Greyhounds for making this interview possible.



Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports