Eagles re-sign Jason Peters to a one-year contract…and he’s taken a pay-cut!


There’s a phrase I bet you never thought would leave your mouth. Jason Peters…has taken a pay cut. It’s groundbreaking, I know. The Eagles announced today that they have signed the veteran left tackle to a one-year deal.

Ian Rapoport followed up shortly after by highlighting that the new deal looks like this:

This is so important for the Eagles. Peters has had a base salary of at least $10M in each of his last two season’s, so finding a way to halve that value, incentivize the rest and free up some more cap room is beyond impressive.

Peters is coming off his tenth season as a Philadelphia Eagle as he continues his Hall of Fame career at the age of 37. He returned from a torn ACL that he suffered in 2017 to play in a stunning 79% of offensive snaps last year and do so at a ridiculously high level. There are few who can play at the level Peters can, but the question has always been one of durability.

The Eagles now have all five starters on their offensive line returning in 2019. That’s astounding considering just how much uncertainty there was surrounding Stoutland’s unit just a matter of weeks ago. From the Brandon Brooks Achilles tear, to Kelce’s potential retirement and the huge cap hit and age darkening Peters’ future, the Eagles have somehow found a way to sustain one of the league’s most dominant offensive fronts.

Peters now gets a full offseason to prepare as normal without the fear of rehabilitation and without sounding overzealous, if this is to be his last rodeo, it could be his most angry yet. The Eagles offensive line is scary and now without the immediate pressure to replace a franchise legend, the unit can focus on capitalizing on their Super Bowl window, while the future of the position is likely sourced in the Draft or marinated from within.

. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

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