Not signing LeBron was absolutely the right decision for Sixers


Power Home Remodeling. Ring any bells?

Well in April of 2018 the Philadelphia based roofing and window contractor put up 3 billboards in a row on Cleveland, Ohio’s Interstate 480, all recruiting LeBron James to the City of Brotherly Love.

“Philly Wants LeBron.” “Complete the Process.”

Tonight the 76ers steamrolled the LeBron led Lakers, winning 143-120. While LeBron was only an assist away from a triple-double, one can’t help but think the Sixers won by not signing the so-called king.

That “Complete the Process” billboard has been fulfilled in the same amount of time had LeBron donned the blue and red of Philadelphia. Since the Lakers have signed LeBron, the spotlight has been on them. And definitely not for any good reasons. The heavy spotlight of Los Angeles has only gotten brighter with the addition of 23. With lofty expectations came heavy pressure.

The Lakers find themselves in 10th place in the West, struggling to be around .500 with some young talent and the most polarizing figure in the NBA.

The Sixers, on the other hand, feel like a well-oiled machined, primed and ready to go. Jimmy Butler was the first to join the ranks of the South Philly Squad. Controversy loomed as writers and fans alike noticed his dicey attitude with his former team. After months of questions, Jimmy Butler has become a cohesive member of this team. Just look how he supported JJ Reddick after his performance over the Nuggets a few nights ago. He has become a full-fledged part of the process.

Just before the deadline, the Sixers acquired Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic, 2 best friends playing great basketball together. Just look at these 2. Not only are they great players that fit the Sixers scheme, but they are the best basketball bros. They’re a welcome presence to the locker room and to are part of the process.

Finally, the existing members of the team have become one big happy unit as well. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and JJ Reddick all seem exude what it means to be a team from what we see on TV and social media. This team has bonded and will continue to do so.

Had LeBron been here, things might not have worked out as well. We recently saw the drama unfurl in LA when it seemed as if LeBron was the one leading trade negotiations for Anthony Davis, essentially putting young talent on the trading block. His spotlight has outshined everyone else on the Lakers.

It’s ugly to think what the added daily criticism could have down to this team, especially with it’s young talents. Would have someone like Jimmy Butler have played well with LeBron? Every mistake would be elevated 10-fold by the national media attention. And worst of all, Philly Twitter would be a mess with ridiculous takes.

The Sixers beats the Lakers by 23 and #23 walked out before the final buzzer. Not the teammate the Sixers needed.

The Sixers have put together a squad that, at least on the surface, looks to work and play together as one. It’s hard to say a King would’ve been any better for this city.