Exploring the idea and possible ripple effects of trading Nick Foles


It’s well known that the Eagles have a tough decision this off-season when it comes to Nick Foles.  No, not if they should retain him as the starter, Doug Pederson has already stated that Carson Wentz is the starter next season and beyond.

The decision is whether to pick up his $20 million option, which Foles has to opportunity to buy himself out for $2 million, and try to trade him (there wouldn’t be a lack of options for them) or to simply decline his option and let him walk freely.

I recently wrote about the possible landing spots for Foles and also suggested that he should have a say in where he’s traded to.  If any of those teams, the ones in dire need of adequate quarterback play, are indeed in play for Foles, what could the Eagles get from each team and what could that mean for their 2019 schedule?  Let’s take a look.