Exploring the idea and possible ripple effects of trading Nick Foles


Cincinnati Bengals

Marvin Lewis is gone.  Did you ever think you’d see that sentence?

Well for the Bengals fan base, it’s definitely a welcomed statement.

However, they still have someone there that has been a part of the losing for eight years: Andy Dalton.

To say he’s been the main reason for the lack of success there would be irresponsible.  He does have four full seasons with a winning record, but those were his first four seasons in the league.  In his fifth season, he was 10-3 before missing the rest of the season with a broken thumb (Bengals missed the playoffs that year).  Since then, he has gone 6-9-1, 7-9, and 4-6.  The Bengals could look to move on from him, as they could cut him with zero dead money and save over $16 million on their cap.

Can the Bengals work a trade out for Foles?

First, let’s throw out the idea of the Eagles getting defensive tackle Geno Atkins from them.  He has a cap number of $14.6 million and the Bengals would get a cap hit of over $10 million if he’s traded.

So don’t think about that one.  Ok? Great. Let’s move on.

Giovani Bernard

A career 4.2 YPC runner, Bernard is also a threat out of the backfield as a receiver.  This is a staple of head coach Doug Pederson’s offensive philosophy and the Eagles haven’t really had a dual-threat running back since LeSean McCoy.  Darren Sproles has played that role for the Eagles, but he hasn’t averaged more than 28.5 receiving yards per game during his career with the Eagles, and that was in 2016.

Getting a young, 27 years old, running back in a deal where he has one year left on his contract, which could prove to be a big year as he looks for a payday in 2020, is something the Eagles could take a look at when exploring the trade market.

Also, that 4.2 YPC could come in handy versus those teams mentioned on the previous page.

But as I’ve said in my previous articles, Foles should have a say in where he’s traded to, if he does get traded, and this doesn’t seem like an organization Foles would want to be a part of.

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