Can this underdog win a starting role in 2019? | Eagles Film Room


The legend of #CaptainCreVon has grown in recent weeks, so it was about time we turned to the eye in the sky to see just how high the ceiling of the former Bears/Lions CB really is. You may be pleasantly surprised…

“I think [CB] Cre’Von [LeBlanc], in particular, has really solidified that nickel.” Jim Schwartz told reporters on Thursday. “That nickel position is a really important position, and it’s a tough position to play. You have to be a combination of a lot of things. He’s been good tackler for us; he’s been tough; he’s been quick; he’s been able to play zone; he’s been able to play man. So all those things go into that spot.

He also had a little bit of experience, too. Played that position for Chicago last year. So that helped to get him sort of up to speed. But I think that’s probably been the biggest one.”

Since joining the Eagles, LeBlanc has been tasked with shutting down Odell Beckham Jr in the final moments of a tense encounter, starting inside against the unpredictable L.A. Rams offense and most recently, trying to thwart the Texans passing attack. He passed all three tests with flying colors and as the offseason approaches, it’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask where his future lies.

The good news is, LeBlanc signed a two-year deal with the Eagles, meaning that he will be battling throughout Training Camp and beyond. Even more good news is that with there being so much unpredictability in the secondary, there is a large chance that LeBlanc becomes one of the most stable pieces in a position full of movement.

Ronald Darby could be entering free agency and there is a good chance Corey Graham closes the curtains on what’s been a very long and successful career. If the Eagles move Avonte Maddox to Safety after his rookie season brilliance and keep Sidney Jones and Jalen Mills as their outside starters, there is a huge window in the nickel just begging to be jumped through. If LeBlanc can keep up his current form, there’s no reason he can’t be the one to clinch that role moving forward.



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