Covering the Spread: Your Weekly Philly Sports Network Guide to NFL Betting


An intense week 4 in the NFL concluded with three overtime games and a last-second touchdown by the Bengals. Teams are beginning to show their true selves and betting should become easier throughout the year. I finished the week 6-8, which feels good considering the Falcons, Colts, and Eagles all blew incredibly close games. My overall record is now at 25-35-1, but things have to get better from here right?


(1-3) Buffalo Bills vs. (-5) Tennessee Titans (3-1)
The Titans would not go quietly into the night as they orchestrated a nice comeback against the Eagles. Tennessee was able to convert three times on 4th down in overtime that propelled them to the dramatic win. Meanwhile, Buffalo came crashing back to Earth in a blowout loss at Lambeau Field. The offensive line issues continue for Josh Allen and the Bills as they were sacked 7 times, which hindered them to only 145 yards of total offence.

All three of the Titans wins have come by three points, while all three of the Bills losses have been well over five points.

Prediction: Titans Cover.


(2-1) Carolina Panthers (-6) vs. New York Giants (1-3)
The Giants got steamrolled by the Saints at home and now travel to Carolina who’s 2-0 at home and are coming off their bye week. The Panthers have the best running attack in the league which averages 166 yards a game. The Giants, on the other hand, give up the 4th most (126) yards on the ground.

The Giants O-line is still troubling giving up the 5th most sacks per game, which opens the door for Carolina’s defence to wreak havoc all day. Their defence has also been a turnover machine generating the 9th most turnovers in just three games.

Prediction: Panthers Cover.


(3-1) Cincinnati Bengals (-5.5) vs. Miami Dolphins (3-1)
The Dolphins have been terrorizing quarterbacks with turnovers through the first four games this season. The defence will have to do much of the same if they want to stop the Bengals this week. Their defence ranks 26th in the league and their offence isn’t any better coming in at number 30.

The Bengals have looked great through four weeks, and if it wasn’t for an unlucky turnover against the Panthers, they could be 4-0.

Prediction: Bengals Cover.


(1-2-1) Cleveland Browns vs. (-3) Baltimore Ravens (3-1)
The Joe Flacco led Ravens now boast the tenth best offence in the league and are scoring at the 5th best rate in the NFL. Their defence has been even better, limiting opponents to 2nd fewest yards-per-game while giving up the third-fewest points.

Unfortunately for the Browns, two horrible calls lost them last weeks game, while a bad kicker let them down in the other two. The Browns are becoming a legitimate team that just needs more experience. Their defence has the most turnovers in the league so far, but they haven’t been proficient in stopping yards on defence or gaining them on offence.

Prediction: Ravens Cover.

(1-3) Detroit Lions (pk) vs. Green Bay Packers (2-1-1)
Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had his signature game yet and will be tested this week as he faces the Lions and their 2nd ranked pass defence. On the other side of the ball, Detroit hasn’t been able to close out any games except for their huge win over the Patriots. However, that game should come with an asterisk, because Matt Patricia knew exactly how to beat his former team.

Prediction: Packers win.


(4-0) Kansas City Chiefs (-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-1)
The best scoring offence in the league will be going against the best defence in this marquee matchup. Mahomes and company have been sensational on offence, while the Jags still boast a terrifying defence. It seems like the Jaguars loss was a one-off, although they’ll have their toughest test of the season on Sunday.

Kansas City’s defence couldn’t stop a small nose-bleed, but they’ve been the leagues best on third downs.

Prediction: Jaguars and the Points.


(1-3) New York Jets (pk) vs. Denver Broncos (2-2)
Denver has two losses against what looks to be, two of the premier teams in the AFC. While the Lions haven’t been good since their impressive week one victory.

Denver’s offence has been good moving the ball, but have had troubles scoring. That was highlighted on Monday night when Keenum misfired to a wide-open Thomas for an uncontested touchdown that would’ve won the game.

Prediction: Broncos Win


(1-2-1) Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons (1-3)
The poor Falcons have been losing in heartbreaking fashion in nearly every week. They’ve been in every single game but have not been able to close many.

On the other side, Big Ben and the Steelers have one win also. However, it came over the Buccaneers and that win looks even less impressive after their big loss to the Bears.

Both defences have struggled all year and whatever happens in this game, everyone needs to bet the over.

Prediction: Falcons and the Points


(2-2) LA Chargers (-5) vs. Oakland Raiders (1-3)
Jon Gruden has his offence buzzing as the Raiders boast the 2nd best offence so far. Unfortunately for Oakland, they haven’t been able to score and their defence is still atrocious. They finally won their first game last week, but the officials blew two huge calls that allowed them to complete the impressive comeback.

Both of the Chargers losses are against maybe the best two teams in the league. They were in both games they lost but haven’t been able to win in convincing fashion yet. Barely beating the Jimmy Garapollo-less 49ers didn’t go far in trusting their capabilities to win big.

Prediction: Raiders and the Points.

(2-2) Philadelphia Eagles (-3) vs. Minnesota Vikings (1-2-1)
The Vikings have not looked good since their week one win, while the Eagles look to be experiencing a Super Bowl hangover. The Eagles had multiple opportunities to close out the Titans, but each and every time they couldn’t finish the game off. The Vikings hung in their game with the Rams but ultimately fell short.

Both teams need this win to get themselves on the right foot again, but the Eagles do have the advantage of playing at home.

The biggest challenge for the Eagles will be defending the pass, as they got torched last week. While the Vikings worst ranked run game, will have to try and move the ball against the league’s best.

Prediction: Eagles Cover.


(1-3) San Fransisco 49ers (-4) vs. Arizona Cardinals (0-4)
The Cardinals looked way better last week with Josh Rosen leading the charge. They barely lost to the Seahawks after they remembered that David Johnson was on the team. The Cardinals can be much better on offence if they start making him the focal point again.

The 49ers are coming off an impressive game in LA with their backup instilling confidence in the team going forward. San Fransisco also has the 6th ranked run defence to help slow down Johnson.

Prediction: 49ers Cover.


(2-2) Seattle Seahawks vs. (-7) LA Rams (4-0)
Sean McVay’s team continues to look unstoppable with the best all-around offence in the league, that’s backed up with a stellar defence. Jared Goff is coming off his best game throwing for over 450 yards and 5 touchdowns, while Todd Gurley should be able to take care of a leaky run defence.

Seattle squeaked by the lowly Cardinals and that defensive front should be giving Wilson fits all game long.

Prediction: Rams Cover.


(1-3) Houston Texans (-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
The Texans have been in every game this year and finally got their first win last week. J.J. Watt looks like his old self again and will be looking to slow down Zeke Elliott, who’ll have to be his best if the Cowboys can win.

Dak Prescott finally threw for over 200 yards in a game but will face a much better defence this time around. The Dallas defence has been the 5th best in the league so far and will face Houston’s 5th ranked offence.

Prediction: Houston Covers.


(3-1) New Orleans Saints (-6.5) vs. Washington Redskins (2-1)
The Redskins are hard to figure out after a big win over the Packers and a big loss against the Colts. They’re coming off their bye week, but will be facing Drew Brees at home. Adrian Peterson has restarted his career and looks like his old self. However, the Saints have been stout against the run and will have to continue that if they want to be successful on Monday night.

The Saints have seemingly hit their stride since their week one loss, and it’ll be hard to bet against them at home.

Prediction: Saints Cover.


Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports