Report: Carson Wentz ‘on track’ to return next Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts


There’s just over an hour until the Eagles clash with Tampa Bay, but there may be just over a week until the return of the team’s starting quarterback, if a report from Adam Schefter is to be beleived.

ESPN’s notorious insider has suggested that the face of the franchise is ‘on track’ to take the field in week 3 against a wavering Colts defense.

Nick Foles has led the Eagles to a 1-0 record after a stunning win against Atlanta and more importantly, the City’s first ever Super Bowl trophy. But Wentz has been sidelined since week 14 of last season due to a torn ACL and the Eagles coaching staff have opted to place all of their focus on ensuring Wentz is fully healthy, instead of rushing him back and risking re-injury.

This is huge for the Eagles and their fans, who have spent weeks and months refreshing feeds to find updates on the 2nd overall Draft Pick from 2016. Wentz helped the Eagles soar during their Super Bowl run and elevated the team like very few quarterbacks can. We may not need to wait much longer to see him working Houdini magic again.

It’s unclear whether or not Wentz will start next week, but after a promising offseason, last year’s rightful MVP could be primed to play in his first competitive football game since that fateful day in Los Angeles.


Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports