Sights, sounds and slapshots: Recapping day one of Flyers rookie camp


Finalllllllly…Flyers fans some action on the ice showing that the Regular Season for the greatest sport on the world is just around the corner. Hockey is back, and is alive and well throughout the Philadelphia Region.

This is one of the most anticipated hockey seasons in recent memory for the orange and black. Many positional battles will ensue when Training Camp opens Friday. However, first let’s start with some sights, sounds, and interview recaps from day one of Flyers Rookie Camp, with some players that are looking to make the roster in the fall.


Philippe Myers
On his expectations for camp, “Take it day-by-day, and we’ll see where it goes from there. I still have to perform, nothing is handed to you,” when referencing the possibility of winning a spot with the recent Andrew Macdonald injury.

Myers Presser

Carter Hart

I personally did not see Carter Hart let up a goal at all. Not saying he didn’t, but from my vantage point in the Press area I did not see him let one up.

Hart Presser

The past two seasons I’ve got to experience Allentown after my playoffs ended. It’s a great city, and they got a great setup up there. So, I’m going to make the most of every opportunity I get either way,” in response to a question he received on playing for the Flyers this season. “I’m just here to play. I’m focused on Training Camp, and where I’m at right now.”


Mikhail Vorobyev


Morgan Frost

“Yea played a lot of hockey with the playoffs and all. Got to keep the legs fresh. Just have to build on every camp. Gotta take my game to another level.”


Frost Presser

Sean Couturier Update:

“I feel pretty good skating,” Couturier states. “We’ll go from there. Hopefully, it gets better and better. The knee brace will take some time to get used to.”

Couturier Presser

Stay with us for the most in-depth training camp coverage.