Flyers Weekly Mailbag: “No one likes us we don’t care”


It’s almost here Flyers fans. Wooooo the sweet smells of the rink, sticks hitting the ice, the players laughing and smiling in Training Camp. Training Camp is almost upon us. September 14th is only a short time away.

Some priorities for the Flyers this season are improving their special teams (Most notably the PK), to become a consistent hockey team, and gosh darn it turn into an offensive power house. The addition of JVR was not only a great depth signing for the Wing, but he provides a net front presence that has a blistering wrist shot to boot. Simply put, Van Riemsdyk will shoot from anywhere. It’s time for these Flyers to take the next step in the “Process.” Without further delay, here are our answers to your questions.

The age rule for current Junior hockey players to make the jump from the CHL to the AHL is currently 20 years old (As most know). Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule (Slide Rule). However, I believe the age limit should be reduced to at least 19 years of age, as opposed to the 20 years old requirement. The NHL isn’t nearly a rough league as it used to be, thus using an extra year of Juniors  (Assuming the prospect is 18 by the start of the new CHL year), shall prepare them enough for their “Rough” future in the AHL or NHL.

Some prospects are just more skilled than others. For instance, Travis Konecny and Nolan Patrick were too skilled to keep them in the CHL for another year. Both of these players accomplished, what they could accomplish at the CHL level. All NHL teams have scouts that are strategically placed throughout all hockey league’s, throughout the world. They know these players the best, and when the scouts say their ready to make the next jump, then it shouldn’t be a problem especially with a prospect entering the AHL. Here are some Pros and Cons to the argument of prospects entering at the very least the AHL from the CHL:

Pros of keeping prospects in CHL:

Allows the players to grow to adapt to the AHL or NHL

Their kids (In reality), Maturation

Cons of keeping prospects in CHL:

Stunts their Growth

Some prospects mature faster than others

Skill level, Need better competition

Couturier Injury

Sean Couturier will miss only 4 weeks due to a knee injury that he injured at a Charity event on August 10. According to Hextall, it is not a re-injury from his MCL injury in April, rather this new injury apparently is in a different spot of the knee. That’s some good news, as he has plenty of time to heal for the regular season. Couturier will wear a knee brace this coming season for precautionary measures. Hextall further stated, that Couturier would practice in non-contact drills through the first half of Training Camp, and miss a handful of pre-season games. Moreover, Hextall did state that he expected Couturier to be a full participant in the latter parts of Training Camp, as well as, play in the last few pre-season games. The Flyers will not rush their number one Center, and they will let him heal properly for the season opener.

Why the Flyers can’t garner any respect by some analysts throughout the league is mind boggling. I mean the orange and black finished Third in the Division (98 points) last year, and made the playoffs. Moreover, most analysts didn’t predict that to happen. This season will be no different. For instance, a Defenseman in Ivan Provorov was ranked outside of the top 20 for Defenseman in the league, Claude Giroux fresh off his 100 point season is ranked 7th amongst Wingers (16th for Fantasy Forwards- according to Yahoo), and lastly the Flyers being ranked with the 12th best farm, according to Corey Pronman. The orange and black WILL win a First Round Playoff series this coming season, mark my words.

This young Flyers team will also be the Underdog this year once again, as “No one likes Us.” Flyers fans could also use this slogan by a great Wrestler in Rocky Maivia (Dwayne Johnson) to those that continue to count the Flyers out,It doesn’t matter what you think.”



Rob thank you for your continued support. God bless you and your family. Thanks for supporting me from day one, I will never forget that.

As much as I love Mike Vecchione. I’m getting the vibe that the Flyers are higher on Mikhail Vorobyev, than Vecchione. Vecchione to me is on the outside looking in…in terms of 3C or 4C. I’ll never close the door on a prospect, but it’s not looking good. However, if Vecchione has a great camp, and pre-season anything is possible. Given the injury news to Sean Couturier…now would be the best time for Vecchione to showcase his skills.

I pray to God that Wade Allison signs an ELC with the orange and black, following his Junior season with Western Michigan. Personally, I believe he will sign the ELC, but I have been concerned at times that he won’t sign it. Allison was supposed to sign the ELC this past Summer, but he elected to return to college for another season. My gut tells me he will sign it, so I have to trust my gut. However, until that time I will continue to bite my nails.

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As you are aware, Sean Couturier was injured on August 10. Per Ron Hextall, the Flyers expect Couturier to be out 4 weeks. He will participate in non-contact drills to start camp, and Couturier will not participate in the first few pre-season games. However, Hextall expects Couturier to be a full participant at camp towards the latter parts of it, to include some pre-season action, as well. In the event Couturier is not 100% healthy for the season opener, the lines could look like:

JVR, G, Voracek

Lindblom, Patrick, Konecny

Raffl, Weal/Laughton, Simmonds

Leier, Laughton/Weal, NAK

Hextall mentions Jordan Weal, Jori Lehtera, Scott Laughton, and some young prospects as possible replacements in the event Couturier misses time. Honestly, this injury could give some extra jump to these young prospects that are looking to make an impression with the Flyers top brass. Moreover, another possibility for the Flyers to explore is giving Morgan Frost a 9 game tryout before sending him back to Juniors. The Flyers have a lot of depth in the system to withstand this injury early in the season. Of course, Couturier isn’t easy to replace, as he’s a warrior who potted 3 goals, and 2 assists on one leg, in Game 6 against the Pittsburgh Penguins this past April. What I’m trying to say is there’s no need to rush Couturier. Let him make a full recovery.

Young Kids to watch for: Jordan Weal, Scott Laughton, Mikhail Vorobyev, Mike Vecchione, Morgan Frost

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Hakstol was given full reins of the line up throughout the regular season and playoffs. With that being said, Ron Hextall no doubt was informed the entire playoff series of Brian Elliott’s health, as well as, other injured players. When the doctor’s clear Elliott for game action, and he says he can go. It becomes very tough to say no to your number one Goaltender. However, Hakstol did have the final determination of who would start between the pipes each game. Hopefully, the injury woes are in the past for Elliott, and the Flyers will be a successful playoff team this coming season. I will go out on a limb here, and predict the Flyers to win at least one playoff round. On paper the team is better than last year.

Flyers thanks so much for your continued support. You have supported me from day one. Without you this site doesn’t exist. God bless you and your family.

As you are aware by now, Ron Hextall expects Sean Couturier to become a full participant in the latter parts of camp, and play in a few pre-season games, as well. Jordan Weal, and Scott Laughton should reap some benefits from the Couturier injury in my eyes. Both of them should have an even bigger role in camp and pre-season. In terms of young prospects I think this benefits Mike Vecchione, and Mikhail Vorobyev. If I’m a betting man in this case, I think the nod goes to Vorobyev. Vorobyev is my choice to benefit the most from this unfortunate injury.

One last player this may benefit would be no other than Morgan Frost. Hextall could keep Frost on a 9 game tryout before he has to be returned to Juniors. However, with the way he performed at the WJSS, Frost really would have to step it up big time at Training Camp.

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