Flyers 2018 Draft Profiles: Catching up with the youngest eligible draft prospect


Will the real Philadelphia Flyers please stand up?! With the NHL Draft only four days away, there are many questions facing this young orange and black team. Some questions range from are they going to move up or back? Are the Flyers drafting for positional needs in the system, such as Right-Handed Defenseman, and Right Wingers? These are some valid questions that people have.

The drafting guru in Ron Hextall can use versatile Centers as Wingers. So only one question remains: Who does the wizard in Hextall have his eyes on as a late round hidden gem? Meet the youngest draft eligible player at the ripe age of 17, in Center/Right Wing Semyon Der-Arguchintsev. This young man has some big goals, as he states, “My goal has always been to make the NHL, and win the Stanley Cup.”

Der-Arguchintsev was born on September 15, 2000, in Moskva, RUS. This native of Russia found a passion, and a love for the sport of hockey at a very young age. His passion for the game found himself playing for the Petersborough Petes in the 2016-17 season. At the young age of 16, he registered 8 goals, and 21 assists for a total of 29 points in 63 games played. After a decent season with the Petes, just who is this young prospect?

I’m just going try to get better at all areas in my game but especially get stronger, and work on my shots.”

The young prospect in Der-Arguchintsev continued, “I would say a good puck handler and try to play fast and work hard.”

This 17 year old, young prospect knew the importance of just having fun, and letting the game come to him. Moreover, he worked very hard in the off-season, and was able to improve his game tremendously for the 2017-18 season. For the season, he registered 12 goals, and 39 assists for a total of 51 points in 68 games played. Der-Arguchintsev showed determination and grit to improve his game, as he leaned on his parents and brother for advice like always. The simplicity in his game is shown in the food he likes, as well.

“I don’t really have a favorite food, but I like pasta or steaks. My parents, and my brother (Alexander Fedoseyev). They helped me a lot through all my career.”

Der-Arguchintsev entered the 2017-18 season determined to be a leader on and off the ice. He has faced some unique challenges in the past, but Der-Arguchintsev wanted to conquer all the odds and be the player he knew he could be.

What this young prospect from Russia didn’t expect, was to be such an integral part to the Petes offense in just his second season. It shows just how good Der-Arguchintsev really can be. His effort, and dedication for the sport of hockey have led him to the cusp of being drafted into the NHL. One would have to think his nerves would be through the roof.

“It feels good, just a little bit nervous because you don’t know what to expect, but obviously it’s an exciting time for me and my family.”

The Petes product, Der-Arguchintsev just wants to show people he belongs in the NHL. If one has seen him play these past few seasons for the Petes, then they would have noticed his silky hands, and blazing speed. He has a lethal wrist shot, to go with his good vision of the ice. Moreover, Der-Arguchintsev is out to prove that he can do this when given the chance. Remaining superstitious free has helped him throughout his career, but could his favorite player be the key to his success?

To be honest I’m not superstitious on game days, but I usually eat the same pre game meal…I didn’t have a favorite player when I was a kid, but right now it’s Mitch Marner.”

Hopefully, Der-Arguchintsev continues to mold into a hidden gem. His unselfish attitude cannot be taught, and Der-Arguchintsev can pay huge dividends for the Flyers in the future. Even if Der-Arguchintsev was a late round draft pick. Tom Brady was also drafted in the 6th round. As Der-Arguchintsev completes the interview, he wanted to say one last thing to Flyers fans:

If I’m drafted by the Flyers, fans can expect to see a skilled and smart game from me.”