Flyers 2018 NHL Draft Profiles: Catching up with first round target Jett Woo

Jett Woo
WHL (Western Hockey League) player profile photo on Moose Jaw Warriors’ Jett Woo at a game against the Calgary Hitmen in Calgary, Alberta on Oct. 16, 2016. (Larry MacDougal via AP)

With the upcoming NHL Draft slated to begin on June 22, 2018, it’s time to start focusing some attention towards this event. It’s no secret that the Philadelphia Flyers have a well up and coming farm system, with some NHL ready Forwards and Defenseman. Just who may the Flyers select with their first pick? Well, General Manager Ron Hextall is one tough cookie to read, especially at the draft where he has become a drafting genius. Who knows who he will be drafting in the first round. Areas of need could range from a beefy, skilled Winger, to another NHL ready Defenseman.

When thinking of drafting a Defenseman. Almost NHL team needs one specific type of Defenseman…a right-handed Defenseman. The Flyers currently only have one right-handed Defenseman on their roster in Radko Gudas. If the Flyers are looking to draft a Defenseman with one of their first round draft picks, than it’s a high probability they look for that right-handed Defenseman. Just who might the orange and black be looking to scoop up. Meet a right handed Defenseman in Jett Woo from the Moose Jaw Warriors.

“It’s a fun experience. I’ve had some buddies go through this, and it’s exciting to think it could happen to me.” Woo said when being asked if he was excited for the upcoming NHL Draft. “I think everyone in my family is excited, and it’s real nice to have so much support from them.”

Woo was born on July 27, 2000, in Winnipeg, MB, CAN. He breathed and started playing the sport of hockey practically from birth. His passion for the game found himself playing for the Moose Jaw Warriors to start the 2016-17 season. For the season, he registered 5 goals, and 17 assists for a total of 22 points in 65 games played. More importantly he was a crazy +12. Yes, a plus 12. After a decent season with the Warriors, just who is this up and coming prospect?

“I believe I bring hardworking, shut down defense. Includes being physical at the right moments, and smart moving the puck in zones. However, I need to just continue getting better in all aspects of my game. Train hard in the gym and on the ice to become the best I can.”

The young 18 year old prospect in Woo busted his butt in the offseason to improve his game. His hard work paid off in a big way, as he enjoyed a career year for the Warriors in 2017-18. For the season he tallied 9 goals, and 16 assists for 25 points in 44 games played. More importantly, Woo was a whopping + 29. This has really solidified his status for the upcoming NHL Draft. One would expect his nerves to be through the roof with being on the cusp of the NHL. However, Woo offers a different point of view, or maybe it’s his favorite food keeping him at ease.

“Love shrimp tacos. I didn’t really start taking hockey seriously till I was about 11 or 12. My goal since then was to become an NHL hockey player. That was the age where I started to do cardio and train.”

If you saw Woo play this season for the Warriors, one would have noticed instantly that his hockey IQ vastly improved from the prior year. He is becoming a really good puck moving defenseman that plays a complete and consistent game. His success was fueled by not only his dedication for the game, but by his family as well.

It was a lot of people. My coaches, teammates, trainers. But I believe my dad had the biggest influence on the way I see and play the game.”

Woo looked really confident in 2017-18 for the Warriors. He just looked like a different player, who worked very hard in the 2016-17 off-season. The off-season even brought Woo back to his childhood days, and that may have helped his game.

Hockey is my life. To play in the NHL has been my dream and goal since I was little and to even come this far in my career has been a surreal experience. When I put on the jersey I play first and foremost the crest on the front. I want to make the city and organization proud on and off the ice.

The Flyers are starving for a right handed shot from the point. Woo may be the answer to their prayers. He’s a gifted young prospect that has what it takes to be a Flyer. Woo has one last message to the fans, “Flyers fans can expect a strong, physical defenseman that takes pride in playing shut down defense.”


Mandatory Photo Credit: Larry MacDougal via AP