Instant analysis: Eagles leave talent on the board, but make the smart move in trading back


The first round of the NFL Draft did not disappoint Whether it was the fireworks at pick number one or the explosive pick 32, there was excitement at every corner. For the Eagles, they will have to wait a little longer to pick a player.

When on the clock at pick number 32, the Philadelphia Eagles traded back to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a fairly unique package.

The Eagles sent the 32nd overall pick and their 132nd overall pick (4th rounder) in exchange for…

the 52nd overall pick (2nd rounder), 125th overall pick (fourth rounder) and a second round pick in 2019.

The trade itself is well packaged. The Eagles wanted day two picks and now have a second fourth rounder to add to their collection, while actually moving up in that round by a few spots which could be key. However, the Eagles were in a very unpredictable situation at the time of the trade.

Derrius Guice, Harold Landry and a flurry of other talent were still on the board by the time that the Eagles were on the clock. As opposed to reaching for a talent or picking uncomfortably, the team opted to simply trade back, pick up some extra ammunition and invest that in the heart of the NFL draft.

This fits the Joe Douglas mold perfectly. The Eagles don’t often draft running backs early and Douglas has a history dictating that his team draft running backs in the fourth round, on average.

It’s not the sexy move and it may not be the most exciting. But the Eagles receive an enticing package that presents more upside than reaching for a talent at 32 or investing in a position that’s already stockpiled with elite talent.

Expect an investment at tight end, linebacker, safety and potentially a running back on day 2, with the Eagles now owning a duo of picks all in similar spots in a round where both Roseman and Douglas have had a history of finding tremendous value.


Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports