Despite heartbreaking injury, Carson Wentz is still going above and beyond to help the Eagles


It’s been just under a month since the incredible sophomore season of Carson Wentz came to a heartbreaking end. A torn ACL rendered the remainder of the season unplayable for the MVP candidate who ended his season with an astonishing 33 touchdowns. Since then, the path to the NFC Championship game has been undulating at best. Although Wentz is unable to play however, it doesn’t mean he’s not helping his team behind the scenes.

“He’s still involved in the game planning.” Tight end Zach Ertz told reporters yesterday. “He’s still kind of each and every week, I think he’s dissecting the film, kind of giving his input into the game plan. Obviously some things get put in and some things don’t, but the guy is still all football all the time. He loves being around the building. He loves being a part of the game plan, putting us in positions to be successful. The guy is probably the smartest quarterback I’ve ever been around, him and Andrew Luck are neck and neck.

So he’s an unbelievable quarterback in terms of seeing the game and I think his input has allowed Nick [Foles] to play at a high level, too.”

That’s a strong comparison to make. Luck was the quarterback for Ertz during his time at Stanford and has since gone on to do some incredible things in the NFL, but like Wentz, injuries have also had their way of keeping Luck off the field.

The Eagles have a reliable backup in Nick Foles. Somebody who knows the system, and is more than familiar with Doug Pederson, who lobbied for the Eagles to draft him in the first place back in 2012. Even though Foles is in his sixth season and has far more experience than Carson Wentz, the future of the franchise still insists on helping his team in any way he can.

“I think the big thing about Carson is him just being around, being and doing everything and working and rehabbing and doing everything he can and then being on the sidelines.” Foles to reporters on Wednesday afternoon. “He’s a huge reason we’re in this position. He’s done such an amazing job in his two years in the NFL of continuing to create this atmosphere and obviously going out there making electric plays, but really just making everyone believe. That hasn’t changed though he’s injured. He’s still around, and I love having him around. When we’re watching film, when I’m in the game and I go to the sidelines, just talking to him, seeing what he sees.”


Wentz has been a prominent figure on the sidelines for the Eagles. With a crutch under his arm and his eyes fixed on the field, the star of North Dakota State has drawn plenty of attention. But when the drives end, Wentz is doing far more than just merely spectating.

“We go through the pictures, we talk through it.” Foles explained. “A lot of times when you are playing, you’re zoned in, but you talk through different looks, different things that they see and you go from there.”

The Eagles are just one game away from a Super Bowl appearance and Carson Wentz is not going to let an injury stand between him and helping the team be in the best position possible to end the season in a miraculous way. If there was ever a time for for fans to say ‘That’s my quarterback’, it’s now.


Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports