Could free agent QB Nick Foles return to the Eagles?


In what’s already been an incredibly busy day, the news continues to break. According to Mike Garafolo, the Chiefs have officially declined to pick up the option on the contract of former Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles. He also mentioned something very interesting.

If the Eagles are intending to trade Chase Daniel, the team would be without a backup quarterback. Even though Daniel’s 3-year, $21M deal may sting the Birds’, they are well aware of the value he has to other teams seeking a veteran, and just how much impact he has on the development of Carson Wentz.

Nick Foles has spent plenty of time under Andy Reid, in both Philadelphia and Kansas City after reuniting with his old Head Coach last year. Foles was sent to the Rams in the trade for Sam Bradford, but was unable to play to the same level he did during his time in Philly.

Under Chip Kelly, Foles not only earned a Pro Bowl nod, but had a historic season in which he threw 27 touchdowns and just 2 interceptions, amassing 2,891 yards in the process. The following year was considered by many as disappointing..but it’s clear that two years later, Foles has had much more experience under his belt and has also endured life as a backup to Alex Smith, a trait he shares in common with Daniel.

Foles could be the perfect cheap replacement for Chase Daniel, if the Eagles felt comfortable in letting him go as part of a trade to acquire new talent, or even freeing up even more cap space after releasing Connor Barwin earlier today.

The Eagles also had interest in adding Foles to their corps a year ago and now that the team have a true franchise quarterback in place (unlike they did this time last year), the role of Nick Foles would be cemented as a backup..which is a position he has proven more than capable of filling.

The free agent quarterback market is next to non-existent, which is largely why there has been so much trade interest regarding Chase Daniel in the first place. If the team truly did feel comfortable in allowing Daniel to leave, just one season after being bought in as a fundamental piece to help Carson Wentz adjust to life in the NFL, then Nick Foles could be a very cheap option who now brings with him a wealth of experience from both inside Philadelphia and out of it, as well as potentially many of the habits Smith was able to learn from Daniel himself.

It wouldn’t be the most glamorous signing of all time but even if the Eagles do insist on retaining Daniel, which is likely, the team still need to add a third quarterback to their roster after parting ways with another former Chiefs signal-caller, Aaron Murray. Foles could easily fill either hole cheaply and of course would bring a sense of stability with him.

And to be honest, it would be nice to say the term “Nick Folean Dynamite” just one more time after seeing him throw a preseason touchdown for the Eagles.


Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports