Eagles Film Room: There’s more to Ronald Darby’s decline against New York than meets the eye


The Eagles scraped a win out over the divisional rivals, but it was anything but easy. Ronald Darby gave up several big plays and two penalties during the afternoon, but redeemed himself with a HUGE interception. Was he really as bad as we think?

Ronald Darby gave up a key eight-yard reception to Engram in the early stages of the game to move the chains and that set the tone for Eli Manning. The veteran quarterback would throw everything he could to Darby, including a huge 22-yard reception by Roger Lewis and that blistering touchdown reception from Tavares King. Include a pair of flags and what you have is not the performance that the Eagles need from their number one cornerback.

“I wouldn’t say they’re Ron Darby’s issues.” Jim Schwartz told reporters today. “I would say it’s secondary issues. Ron gave up some plays in this game. Everybody in our secondary, other than maybe [S] Corey Graham, gave up at least a play. It’s not a one-man game. Ron can play better than he did, he knows that. He’s another one that had a chance to be able to make an interception down in the end zone. High point the ball, man, get that thing down. Those are the plays he can make.

He made that interception. That helped spark us. We were struggling. That interception had a lot to do with us getting back in that game and winning that game. You have to give him some credit. I give him credit for that also.

It wasn’t just a Ron Darby thing. All of our corners gave up plays.”

But how much of his setbacks were down to a simple offensive mismatch? Watch the video above to find out more!


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