Predicting the outcome of today’s week 12 clash between Eagles and Bears


The Eagles are just a couple of hours away from kicking off a pivotal game against the Bears. The Birds come into a very winnable affair with a full head of steam and an intent to secure the NFC East. Will they be able to do so? It’s time to pass it over to our writers once again.


Liam “Cup of Tea” Jenkins: 8-1
The Eagles have ripped through everyone standing in their way since week 2 and show no signs of stopping after a complete dismantling of their fiercest rival. NFC games are often hard to predict and the Birds’ will be facing one of the most successful rushing attacks in the league that’s supported by an athletic QB and a defense who can make life problematic for any team. However, the Eagles have too much firepower for the Bears to cause an upset here and should be able to win this one comfortably to put the cherry on the cake of their NFC East crown.

Bears 17  Eagles 27


Chris “Has the best sounding name of any of our writers” Coviello 7-1
The Eagles were a feel good story for the league until this point but now the haters are out and the narrative has changed. Now you’re probably starting to hear the “the Eagles haven’t played anyone” argument. Total nonsense. Despite the records of some of the opponents, the Eagles have beaten some quality teams. The Bears however are not one of them. Along with the 49ers, the Bears are the easiest team on the schedule. Philly should roll today at home. I would expect another 30-40 point performance. Chicago’s rookie QB Mitch Trubisky will have a tough time with the Eagles D. It’s going to be a long day for the Bears.

Bears 13 Eagles 44
Ant “The new guy” Brinkley 6-0

I won’t lie to you I’m a little worried about this game. It has trap game all over it. However, this is a different Eagles team then the ones in the past and they haven’t given me any reason to doubt them this year.

Bears 17 Eagles 35

Tyler “The need for” Steege 7-1
Tyler SteegeRookie QB coming into Philly against one of the league’s best defensive lines isn’t exactly an ideal scenario. Eagles win big. 34-17
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