Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Your Questions, Our Answers


The Philadelphia Flyers are finally on fire. Hot damn fire. Fortunately, the orange and black are bringing the heat once again. It’s been a season of ups and downs for the Flyers. One night they look great, but the next night not so much. However, this young Flyers team has had to overcome a tremendous amount of adversity in the early going. Finally, young defenseman Samuel Morin and young forward Danick Martel are living their dreams on the roster of the orange and black.

Hopefully, this post Thanksgiving break will have long-term ramifications for the Flyers. It’s a good moment for the young guns to reload, and prime themselves for the rest of the year. The vets on the other hand are recouping from their injuries, and enjoying their families. It’s been a great week of Flyers hockey with the youth infusion, so without further delay here are our answers to the Flyers Weekly Mailbag.

Mark Boehmer- With the Eagles and Sixers both emerging as playoff contenders and must see TV are the Flyers in danger of becoming Philly’s forgotten team?

Mark great question and thanks for the support. I think with the success of the Eagles absolutely. This city is a football city. The Eagles are excelling at a rapid pace, which is fantastic. Sixers not so much, I think both teams are pretty much even. The Flyers have dedicated loyal fans, so they will never be forgotten. Much like the Sixers with their loyal fans. The orange clad fans pack the house through the good and bad. Fortunately, with this six game losing skid the Flyers are only 8 points out of first place, and 4 points out of the last wild card slot.

Mark Boehmer- How much longer before Hakstol gets fired? This team is just not responding to him any longer for whatever reason.

This is a smoking hot question flavor of the day. Mark awesome. I firmly believe if the Flyers don’t make the playoffs, then the orange and black will move on from Hakstol. With that being said we will not know the fate of Hakstol until season’s end. However, I can understand the thought process behind the question especially during this six game skid.

Jody Boyer- Starting to lose faith in Dave Hakstol. Wonder if the topic of Darryl Sutter ever pops up when Ron Hextall and Dean Lombardi are having a coffee.

Jody thanks for the support. You’re not the only one losing faith in Hakstol. I can understand why. This current six game skid doesn’t help his cause. Hopefully the new rookies can reignite the Flyers engine. Let’s how the next few weeks turn out, and revisit this statement.


Great question Fashion I appreciate the support. Honestly, without giving up Travis Sanheim, Samuel, Morin, Philippe Myers, or German Rubtsov there isn’t one team that will make a mtrade of a quality forward. Unfortunately, in this league you have to give something in order to get something. That’s why I like Ron Hextall’s thought process these past few years. Let’s see what’s in the system, and then possibly make a trade. We all know a few years ago Hextall traded Chris Pronger’s contract, but if the Flyers want an impact forward immediately then we have to give.

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Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports