Two former Eagles named as Pro Football HOF semifinalists, is this the year ‘Weapon X’ enters immortality?


For the second consecutive year, a pair of legendary Philadelphia Eagles players are one step closer to achieving immortality. Both Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens have officially been named in the final 25 nominees for this year’s Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

The full list of semifinalists can be seen below.

Dawkins is in his second year of eligibility after making it to this very stage just 12 months ago. His place in Canton is one that holds no debate however. In 183 games as an Eagle, Brian Dawkins racked up 34 interceptions and 26 sacks, as well as forcing 36 fumbles and recovering 19. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the leader of the Eagles Defense made six Pro Bowls. He is still the only player in NFL history to attain 25 sacks, interceptions and fumbles during his career. There may be no Philadelphia Eagle in history more prolific than “Weapon X”. One of the most feared safeties of all time who gave goosebumps fans and players alike, it’s surely only a matter of time before he enters the Hall.

Whether or not Terrell Owens belongs in the Hall of Fame is an argument that has raged on for years and likely will continue to do so. An incredibly talented receiver whose antics on and off the field have somewhat tarnished his reputation to help his team, Owens sits on the edge of immortality once again.

Voting for the finalists will take place closer to the timing of the upcoming Super Bowl.


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports