Flyers Weekly Mailbag: Your Questions, Our Answers


The Philadelphia Flyers are off to a solid start to the 2017-18 season. Of course, with some highs, a team encounters some adversity. Well, look no further than the injury sustained to defenseman Andrew Macdonald. Macdonald will be on the shelf for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Everyone was calling on the Flyers top brass to call up young stud defenseman Samuel Morin. Unfortunately, the Flyers are staying put for now. That does not mean a move won’t happen in the future so stay tuned. Without further delay here are the questions and answers to our Flyers weekly Mailbag.


Mark Boehmer- While this team has improved (speed) there still seems to be something missing. What do you see has there biggest weakness going forward and how can they correct it ?

This is a great question from a great Flyers fan. Your 100% correct about the speed factor. This Flyers team is the fastest Flyers team I’ve seen in 24 years of watching. However, one major weakness I see is the middle six lines.

The top and fourth line pairings are great. They are flying and rocking all over the ice. However, the middle six lines are inconsistent. One change I would make is move Jordan Weal to the third line with Travis Konecny and Nolan Patrick. This line would be super fast. If Dave Hakstol won’t move Weal, then I would bump Michael Raffl up to the left wing on the third line for more speed, with Patrick and Konecny. This bumps Dale Weise or Jori Lehtera down to the fourth line.

If worse comes to worse another move they can make is from a great Flyers fan and a dedicated follower of mine on Twitter Matt Martin. He suggested Valterri Filppula to be moved to the third line. Thus, bumping up Patrick to the second line. Great suggestion on his part. Speed is holding the middle six back. Patrick and Konecny are waiting at the blue line for Weise. One of these moves should be made sooner rather than later.


Tom Mount @mount_mount2 – When is Morin getting called up for goodness sakes.

You know what Tom I can hear the passion in your voice. You seem very knowledgeable. That’s the million dollar question throughout the City of Philadelphia. I thought with the injury sustained to Andrew Macdonald, Morin would have seen some action on the two game road trip. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. With that being said if Gudas does get suspended for the hit in last night’s game off the 5 minute major he received for charging, then Morin may get a shot.

If they didn’t call up Morin for the road trip, then I would have at least expected Mark Alt to get the call as he could sit in the press box. My best guess is the Flyers will make a move right before the Thanksgiving roster freeze, and Morin will then get his shot. Of course, this is all barring God forbid another injury on defense.


Muggsy Martelli- Give your first trade Flyers make.

I think the Flyers trade Radko Gudas to a team right before the Thanksgiving roster freeze. I say Gudas because he has a little more upside than Brandon Manning. I heard Gudas’s name a lot about a week ago. Although, I received no direct confirmation he was on the trade market.

Manning on the other hand is on the trade market. If there was a taker he would have been gone by now. The safe bet would be Manning gets traded, but I just think there’s more of a trade market for Gudas.

Thanks once again to the great fans of Philly for another good mailbag. Your support means a lot. One thing is certain Flyers fans, the future is bright in Flyer land.




Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports