Flyers Prospect Watch: Defenseman Terrance Amorosa opens up on his career so far


The Philadelphia Flyers are doing what?! It is unbelievable in year’s past how impatient the Flyers were with certain moves. They would sign overpriced veterans to long-term deals, to which it would handcuff them financially. Ladies and Gentleman, the youth infusion has begun. Flyers fans are now getting used to the patience General Manager Ron Hextall possesses. Hopefully, this youth infusion in the future will bring a core of solid mainstay NHL Defensemen.

For the past few seasons, the Flyers have tried to revamp their defense with the hopes of having long-term success. They have mainly been building their defense through the draft, as opposed to signing overpriced defensive pieces to long-term contracts. Just who is hidden down on the farm, and could possibly be a hidden gem for the Flyers defense in the future? Meet Terrance Amorosa. I was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with him recently, and he seems determined to crack the Flyers lineup when his name gets called.

Amorosa was born on November 13, 1994, in Kirkland, QC, CAN. He was drafted by the Flyers in the 5th round of the 2013 NHL Draft. After the draft Amorosa committed to Clarkson University in 2014-15, with the hopes of fulfilling his dream of playing in the NHL. He had a decent freshman year as Amorosa became a solid stay at home NCAA defenseman. For the season he registered 1 goal, and 4 assists for a total of 5 points in 18 games played. After a decent season, just who is Amorosa?

I am a poised puck handler, and a very consistent passer with a good stick while defending. I like to control the puck, and the pace of the game. They can expect a two-way defenseman who is quick on the transition, and sees the game well. I like to slow down and disrupt the opposing’s transition game, then quickly turn it and initiate my team’s fast pace.

Heading into his sophmore hockey season at Clarkson, Amorosa wanted to improve from the year before. He trained and worked hard that off-season to try to build up his muscle. It paid off in a big way as he enjoyed a career for Clarkson in 2015-16. For the season he tallied 4 goals, and 12 assists for a total of 16 points in 27 games played. According to Amorosa, if it wasn’t for his dad pushing him for a breakout season, it may not have have happened.

“The one who has had the biggest influence on me is my Father. He was a huge fan of Bobby Orr growing up and made me understand the importance of being a defenseman. He has been supporting me my entire hockey career, trying his best to find time in his busy work schedule to come watch my games, even if it takes a seven hour drive.”

If one has seen Amorosa play for Clarkson the past few seasons, then one would notice how he has improved as a player. He has became a solid two-way defenseman that is tough to beat along the edges. Amorosa registered 3 goals, and 13 assists for a total of 16 points in 30 games played in 2016-17 for Clarkson. His determination and grit for the love of hockey supersedes all. However, if his family didn’t push him into the sport of hockey, Amorosa might have ended up playing another sport instead.

In Montreal, it seems like everybody plays and gives hockey a try. My parents, who are big believers in playing sports, got me playing in several growing up such as basketball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, golf, and hockey. From a young age, I always felt hockey was the only sport I was truly passionate about, and the only sport I’d get excited for practices. My family noticed that right away and immediately supported me.”

The Flyers are growing at a high rate defensively within the system. However, a team can never have too many defensemen. Amorosa possesses the determination and know how to succeed at the NHL level. In a few years he will hopefully get a shot to leave his mark with the Flyers. He leaves us with this unique message for the fans of Philly.

The Flyers have a rich history and are a passionate organization, very grateful to be a part of it. I am anxious to get started with my professional career with the Flyers organization. The future is looking very promising for this group.”


Mandatory Photo Credit: Clarkson Athletics