2018 Penn state commit 3-star QB Will Levis talks what he brings to Penn state

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Will Levis is one of the most underrated players in the class of 2018. He was recruited by Penn state after the no.1 player in the country, Justin Fields, De-committed and is now a Penn state commit for the class of 2018. He is a 6-4, 222 lbs, high 3-star quarterback with a cannon for an arm and when he releases it’s like a bullet coming out of a gun. He is rated no.1 in the state of Connecticut by Scout, the 18th rated quarterback and 500th ranked player by 247 for 2018.

LJ: What made you commit to Penn state? How long had PSU been recruiting you?

Will: I connect with everything about Penn State as both a school and a football program. It is a very prestigious school that I can get an excellent degree from and their football program speaks for itself. I also think I will be a great fit in their offense so that was a determinant in my decision.

PSU started recruiting me during my last season, and I was able to visit for a game when they were. When a quarterback spot for the class of 2018 opened back up, they started showing heavy interest in me, and that is when I really got to get to know the coaches better.  I then went to camp there, earned my offer, and made my decision quickly after that.

LJ: You have been having a terrific season, what have you improved on the most?

Will: I think one thing that I have improved greatly is just my knowledge of the game. Football is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one, so a lot of film analysis of myself, other teams, and other quarterbacks helped me continue to improve my craft. I’ve become better physically as I’ve improved athletically, and I have sharpened my mind further as well.

LJ: What was your stats last game?

Will: Last game, the offense struggled a bit, and I finished with roughly 200 yards of offense and a touchdown. The week before I put up good numbers I threw 375 passing yards and 6 touchdowns.

LJ: What were your stats last high school season? What were the stats of your best game last season?

Will: My stats last season were 2,200 yards, 25 touchdowns. My best game was probably our last of the season in which I had 300 yards 5 touchdowns.

LJ: You were heavily pursued after 5-star Justin Fields de-committed. How did you feel when Penn state gave you that offer?

Will: I was thrilled. I knew I had to really work for it and prove to the coaches my worth, so I stayed driven, worked extremely hard, and I went to camp and earned the offer.  The feeling was unreal as I knew that Penn State was where I belonged.

LJ: How committed are you to Penn state? Has any schools been showing interest since you committed? What team?

Will: Some schools have reached out to me, but I explain to them that I’m 100% committed to Penn State.

LJ: Penn state has a very explosive offense and will have one when it’s your time. What is the strength in your skills that will make you have an impact with this offense?

Will: I think that my mental ability with the game will help me with decision making, and I can make all the throws on the field.  My athleticism is a part of my game that I think is a bit slept on, so I hope to put some of that on display when I’m there as well.

LJ: What did Penn state get with Will Levis?

Will: Penn State got a leader with Will Levis. I will do anything in my power to help improve the team and myself, and I will work as hard as anyone in the country to play to the best of my ability.

LJ: Good luck on the season Will great talking to you

Will: Thank you! I really appreciate it.