1-on-1 with 2019 4 star Villanova target & top 5 PA prospect, John Bol Ajak

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2019 4-star power forward John Bol Ajak is one of the best two way power forwards in his class. He is one of the top players in Pennsylvania and has heavy interest from top programs such as Syracuse, Seton Hall, Rutgers, and Philadelphia basketball power house Villanova. Ajak is the no.4 player in Pennsylvania, no.17 among power forwards, and 79th ranked prospect in 2019 by 247. He was also the no.1 ranked power forward in the east by Scout. He is quick and strong inside he reminds me of former Villanova legend Daniel Ochefu with more athleticism.


LJ: Big time opportunity for you guy getting an offer from the no.1 basketball college in Pennsylvania. How did it feel to get that offer?

John: it felt great, I finally felt that my hard work paid off and it was a good way to end my summer too.

LJ: What were your numbers last high school season?

John: 13 points ,15 rebounds , 6 blocks.

LJ: Do you have any top schools at this time? 

John: Nah not yet I feel like I’m half way still got 2 more years.

LJ: Is Villanova high on your list of schools?

John: Yeah.

LJ: What NBA player resembles your Skills the most?

John: I take a little bit from a lot of NBA players but definitely Kevin Garnett cause of his intensity, being vocal and leadership

LJ: Where were your raised? how have your parents been an influence in your life?

John: I was raised up in Nairobi, Kenya. My parents are the reason I do everything that I’m doing, they mean the world to me.

LJ: Whats your nationality? How long have you been playing ball?

John: I’m a South Sudanese and this is about to be my 4th year playing organized basketball.

LJ: What made you want to play ball?

John: cause of my height, I could no longer play soccer at 6’7″.

LJ: What was your teams record last season?

John: 16-9

LJ You play game changing defense. What type of impact do you bring to a team?

John: Just being able to protect the rim and switch up on guards at the perimeter.

LJ: What teams are pursuing you the hardest? Any teams that have not given you offers that are after you?

John: All the schools that have offered are all pursuing hard

LJ: What do you like about Villanova? What coach is recruiting you?

John: it’s a good spot, it resembles my high school and it’s local, Coach George Halcovage and Ashley Howard.

LJ: What part of your game allows you to come in and impact right away?

John: Just being position less, being able to guard 1 through 5 and hit few jump shots.

LJ: What do you look for in a school?

John: Where I can call home,

LJ: How was your visit to Villanova hoop mania and do you plan to visit again

John: It was fun and i don’t know i haven’t visited enough so far.


Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/DengCamp/status/907252268570886146