Eagles WR Torrey Smith vows to bounce back from what he calls “worst stretch in his career”


The Eagles are just a couple of hours removed from a gruelling game against the Chargers…a game in which they surged past the home team to come away with the victory. Emotions were high after such a hard-fought win, but for Eagles WR Torrey Smith, it was also a time for reflection.


On the surface, 9 receptions for 125 yards certainly doesn’t sound like a terrible stint to endure. But the Maryland native’s opening few games in midnight green have been slightly turbulent. With four drops this season and two today, with the most memorable coming on a deep pass earlier today, Smith has shown all the makings of hitting a home-run on a deep bomb, but has been unable to make the big catches…except for one that stands out.

During the final drive of the game on a 3rd & 2, Smith caught a nine yard reception to propel the Eagles into enemy territory and push the team’s chances of cementing a win even further forward. It’s not that Smith simply cannot make the catches when pressure is looming, but the problems do seem eerily familiar.

It’s not so long ago that Nelson Agholor was enduring what could be interpreted as similar confidence related hurdles. By contrast, Agholor had a fine day at the office today, combining for 58 yards on 3 receptions. Since his move inside, the USC product has been extremely productive, so it’s not as if this phase is going to last forever. Wentz isn’t exactly avoiding Smith either, who has been targeted 16 times this season.

The signs of the puzzle pieces all finally slotting together are clear, it just seems to be a case of when…not if.

Smith’s decision to take to social media to vent his frustration also says a lot about his character. To look upon your own progress and be so critical after a big win on the road can only mean good things…and Carson Wentz and the Eagles will likely see the effects of that in the games to come.


Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports