Halftime analysis: Eagles Defense sets the tone in clash with Chiefs


The Eagles go into halftime down 6-3 after a monumental defensive battle ensured during their week two clash with the Chiefs. It’s been a true test of coaching character so far, here are some quick-fire takeaways.


No pushovers:
The Eagles Defense are fighting with all they have against a Chiefs team that rolled over the Patriots in week one. The corners have had some close shaves, but continued smart playcalling from Jim Schwartz has allowed his guys up front to get the job done. Two sacks in the first half was supported by a complete stagnation of running from KC, with rookie sensation Kareem Hunt being held to just EIGHT yards. It’s been ugly, scrappy, and aggressive…but that’s where the Eagles thrive. Their wide-nine scheme has very much been the equalizer so far.


Elliott shines…until the end:
Jake Elliott has been perfect in his NFL and Eagles debut, converting one field goal attempt of two so far. It’s a small factor, but in a game this tight, kicker accuracy is more valuable than ever. The team’s latest acquisition has proven his worth in the first half, but after a shocking 53-yard gain set up the Eagles in perfect field goal range to tie it up, Elliott was unable to split the uprights.


Kendricks is playing with a chip on his shoulder:
I don’t know how exactly to describe what we’re seeing from Mychal Kendricks, other than it’s EXACTLY what he needs to be doing. The Eagles linebacker has a sack and three tackles to his name in the first half after a dominant display. His speed on Defense seems to have returned and his play-recoginiton looks as good as it ever has against the run. The Eagles have a formidable set of linebackers once again.


O-line struggles
Isaac Seumalo hasn’t been as impressive as many would have hoped this season and to make things worse he was responsible for 1.5 sacks on Wentz during the first half. The partnership between Seumalo and Kelce has some kinks to be worked out, as the pressure continues to roll in on Carson Wentz and the run-game becomes even more important, the Offensive front simply has to get better.


The run game? Pederson’s aware…
Wendell Smallwood started the game today, not LeGarrette Blount. As we enter halftime, it’s Sproles that has dominated the lions share of carries, with seven to his name for 37 yards. Both Smallwood and Blount have 1. Blount just looks slow hitting the hole, and it’s clearly obvious that both Sproles and Smallwood can hit it more assertively…but the good news is that carries indicate Pederson is well aware.



Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports