Five takeaways from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s conference at Annual NFL Meeeting


Jeffrey Lurie met with reporters for the first time in what felt like forever tonight, sitting down with some familiar faces at the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix. From Carson Wentz to Joe Mixon, there were a variety of topics discussed, but here are the five biggest takeaways from Lurie’s conference.


No Kelly Green..yet:
Unfortunately, fans pining for those glorious Kelly Green uniforms are still left disappointed that the proposed rule change regarding alternate helmets was denied. However, it wasn’t for the want of trying at the expense of Jeffrey Lurie. The Eagles Owner stated that  he is more than open to seeing the long awaited return of the iconic uniform.

We may not see the return of the infamous Kelly Green this year..but Lurie seems intent on bringing it way or another.

The long-term plan:
If there’s one thing we can takeaway from the conference, it’s that Lurie is very confident in where the Eagles are headed..and is also unwilling to deviate from what is clearly a long-term plan.

Through this storyboard of tweets, it’s safe to say that regardless of the free agency additions and current salary cap situation, the Eagles are intent on pursuing the same direction which they had originally laid out upon Doug Pederson’s arrival last year. Building through the draft..and planning for the future.

The collaboration between Roseman and Douglas is also a huge factor. The impact of Douglas has been well documented already, but by having a front office all on the same page, who can work together and ensure that every decision is right for the franchise, it removes the trigger-happy moves of years and eras past..and of course enhances accountability and trust between the key players behind the scenes.

The front office, now with Weidl and Douglas onboard, don’t want to compromise the future of the franchise for short-term gain..and that for fans, may be the most reassuring thing to hear from an owner who started a clean slate just 12 months ago.


In the mix-on?:
Lurie also didn’t rule out the possibility of drafting Joe Mixon when asked. Although he declined to talk about any players specifically on that front, it’s interesting to see that the Eagles are still very comfortable with their “second chance” mentality. Not that this is any indication the team would make a move for the Oklahoma running back, but it wouldn’t be the first time in the last few years that the Eagles have looked past a troubled background, to create a promising



The last time we heard from Jeffrey Lurie was at the league meetings last season. Since then, the future of the franchise has changed drastically..and now it’s Carson Wentz leading the team out onto the Linc on Sundays. So, how does Jeffrey feel about his cornerstone quarterback, whom the team traded up for so assertively one year ago?

Well..I don’t think anymore needs to be said really. It’s safe to say that the entire front office are extremely comfortable with the results of last year’s frantic offseason and rollercoaster regular season..and confident in the man who was at the center of it all.


Knock, knock!:
The Eagles owner was also asked whether or not the Eagles would appear on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year.

The Birds’ tick all the criteria for the annual documentary and are one of the eight teams that could be forced to participate. But unfortunately for fans, it seems as though that we may have to wait a little longer to gain a much deeper look into Training Camp. The good news is, the Eagles produced a phenomenal weekly series this year called “The Journey”, which if you’re a fan of Hard Knocks and haven’t seen yet, I would highly recommend you do.

If you’re looking to get even closer to the Eagles, but don’t have time to watch 5 episodes of a web-series, we have our debut issue of – = + dropping on the 29th of March, including some incredible exclusive interviews.


Bonus takeaway:



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