Projecting the rookie season stat line for Sixers’ Ben Simmons


The Ceiling for Ben Simmons is big, very big; the comparisons to LeBron James and Magic Johnson are not a stretch. Simmons has the skill set to play all 5 positions at a high level. He can score in the post with strength and finesse, he can guard all 3 front court positions, and he can be a dominant rebounder in the post. If you haven’t watched Simmons play, you haven’t seen a 6’10, 240 lbs, player move with the quickness that he has.

Simmons can keep up with shooting guards and point guards, some people hear about Simmons and even see him and can’t believe it. The speculation is that somehow he will regress when he gets to the pros and this talent we see won’t grow or progress. It’s hard to believe that a talent similar to LeBron James, with Magic Johnson’s vision has arrived. Simmons also reminds you of Chris Webber when he is in the post and how he takes you one-on-one from outside the paint. After the games that Simmons had in Summer League where he showed everything except for a 3 point shot, it’s easy to see his vision is unlike anything we have seen in years. But how will he fare in his delayed rookie season? Here are some projections:


Points – Simmons is very hard to stop one-on-one, his power and quick first step are very hard to contain once he is on the move. Simmons in transition is where he really looks like LeBron. All 6-10, 240 lbs, of Simmons coming full speed down the court like a guard will be a headache for teams. Simmons will go to the line a lot. At his size, people he will command contact as defenders try to get in his way. The big question is the jump shot; Simmons showed his mid-range jumper in the summer league and recently Simmons was shown hitting several 3 pointers in a row on footage during workouts. If Simmons has developed a 3 point shot He will have a complete offensive game that will make his complete game chaotic.


Rebounds – At 6-10, 240 lbs, his power at that size combined with his quickness means he is able to box out, overpower and out jump defenders. Simmons will be able to battle with the best rebounders in the game and lead many fast breaks by getting his hands on the ball first.


Assists – As much as Simmons does on the court, his passing is the most spectacular talent he has. His vision is simply incredible. He can run a fast break and before you know it the ball is somewhere you had no idea it would be. Simmons passes the ball into tight spaces and finds the open man quick and often. Simmons unique ability to pass will make Philly that much better. Players like Embiid, Holmes, Okafor, and Johnson in the post with shooters like Fultz, Saric, Redick, Bayless, TLC, and Covington will all benefit from Simmons passing. Simmons will be the primary ball handler and with his skill they can play him anywhere,


Average per game Prediction: 18 points 8 rebounds 10 assists


Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports