Trade season is here: What we know so far about Phillies reported interest in Christian Yelich


Ken Rosenthal is a baseball journalist extraordinaire and a wearer of what might be the same enchanted bow ties that Glen “Hurricane” Schwartz sports on NBC 10. No matter what Rosenthal wears, he always knows what he is talking about.

Last night, Ken Rosenthal gave Phillies fans the trade rumor update that nobody expected to come from the man who is trusted to break accurate baseball news. Phillies. Marlins. Stanton and Yelich. The trade rumors that launched a 1000  ships into the dreams of sleeping Phillies fans all snug in their beds. OK. Maybe not that much, but anyhow. Rosenthal took to Facebook to mill around the idea of the outfield blockbuster trade to the Phillies.

“It’s interesting, alright. Damn interesting.”, Rosenthal wrote on the possible trade.

There were 2 main points that Rosenthal made in his post that should interest the Phillies.


Number 1:
Rosenthal confirmed that under the new ownership group the Marlins are going to be looking to rebuild.

“The majority of the team’s current baseball people want to rebuild” “The next owners might be looking at a $150 million payroll next season if they retain their current players and add the necessary rotation help.”

He says that it’s not a matter of if but of when the Marlins will begin to start selling off pieces. The July 31st non-waiver trade deadline might be too early for the firesale to begin, but once the new ownership steps in all bets might be off. As many other teams do, The Marlins could put many of their players on waivers come this August.


Number 2.
The Phillies have not expressed interest in the human power generator Giancarlo Stanton. BUT,

“The Phillies have been “vocal” about their desire to land Christian Yelich”, a source told Rosenthal. They would even absorb “bad money” in a deal for Yelich.

Before you get excited, Rosenthal explained that with Yelich’s skill and relatively low contract ($44.5 million from 2018-’21) almost any team would be interested in acquiring him. Rosenthal also explained that there could be interest in the Phillies for Stanton, if the price is right. The Phillies could afford taking on the $325 million contract that Stanton signed in Nov. 2014 but he wouldn’t be attractive unless that price comes down.

To check out the entirety of Rosenthal’s post, click here.


Mandatory Credit: John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports