Three potential scenarios where trading back in the first round would make sense for Eagles


With mock drafts flying in from all directions, the idea of teams shopping their pick in order to move up, or move back is becoming a more and more enticing idea. From the several quarterback starved teams in the league, to those simply looking to acquire some lost picks from years past, it could be open season for those GM’s looking to find extra value ahead of the NFL Draft.

Howie Roseman and the Philadelphia Eagles could absolutely be one of those teams. Although “best player available” seems to be the consensus, this draft is flooded with superstar talent. The positions that are left on the Eagles offseason “to do list” are met with an abundance of potential throughout the first round alone..and with the rest of the boxes ticked, the ever value seeking Howie Roseman could very well be looking for some extra weapons to add to his arsenal. The question is, which teams could be willing to trade with the Eagles?


Houston Texans: 25th overall
It’s no secret that the Texans are desperate to rectify what has become a shockingly messy quarterback situation. Unfortunately for them, this years cream of the crop doesn’t boast the same upside as years past..meaning that the two or three names who could start right away, could be off the board by the time they’re on the clock. If there’s one team who understand climbing the draft ladder for a franchise quarterback, it’s the Eagles, who did the same thing just one year ago.

The Eagles need cornerbacks, period. Luckily for them, there are several corners who could fall to the Birds much later in the first round because of the sheer number of playmakers. Aside from Marshon Lattimore whom many regard as the top corner in this draft, the likes of Chidobe Awuzie and Kevin King could still be available in the latter stages of the first round.

If the Eagles could squeeze an extra mid-round pick out of the Texans in this deal as a sweetener, knowing that they hold all the leverage, then trading back 11 spots actually makes a lot of sense if cornerback was the direction they were heading. With that extra 89th overall pick, the Eagles could then afford to add some star potential elsewhere.

The Texans would move up to a position of further leverage if they wanted to secure a top QB, as the Eagles did 12 months ago..or at least get themselves into a spot of security. The Eagles on the other hand, would still be able to pluck a first round corner..and then have the added luxury of adding a playmaker in the third.


Miami Dolphins: 22nd overall
The Dolphins could go in a few different directions in the first round. From adding a dominant tight end in O.J Howard, to adding a secure option at linebacker in Hassan Reddick, the options are plentiful. The downside is, they could be left with first round scraps if the dominoes begin to fall..which is more important than you might think.

The team are without a third and a fourth round pick this year after the Leonte Caroo trade up, meaning that their compensatory 94th pick overall has to be an impact player. With their needs on both sides of the ball not having the same ceiling or depth as those of the Eagles, including linebacker, a trade isn’t that ridiculous at all.

However, the Dolphins are also said to be really high on Forrest Lamp. If Miami were willing to give up their 94th overall pick and perhaps a conditional pick next year, it would give the Eagles that luxury of again having the freedom of still adding a playmaker at 22. For the Dolphins, the pick would be correlated with a direct need. The Eagles are in a position of freedom, knowing that the likes of Ahkello Witherspoon, Cooper Kupp, Jamaal Williams for example lie in the rounds below

. It all depends on how intent the Eagles are on spending that 14th overall pick on a home-run hitter and how open they are to accumulating picks instead. But the Dolphins could well be a candidate looking to secure that home-run hitter, knowing that their franchise simply needs it. This alone could spice up the deal and make it far more likely.


Kansas City Chiefs: 27th overall
When it comes to the Chiefs, nobody really knows where their draft train is headed. Could they be looking at quarterbacks after working out the big names from this year’s class? Or could they be looking to jump the gun and beat the Seahawks to a playmaking corner to bolster an already dangerous secondary? However they may be approaching the draft..a trade up doesn’t seem too unlikely, and the Eagles could be perfect candidates.

The Chiefs are quite relentless when it comes to talent. Last year, while all but one of the Eagles draft picks remained on the roster (sixth round pick ,Blake Countess), the Chiefs parted ways with Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan, whom they drafted in the fifth round, and third round DB Kei’Vare Russell, who went on to play in five games for the Bengals. So the question becomes, would the Chiefs prefer to push those mid-round picks into security as opposed to bringing in players who may not last on an already stacked roster?

For the Eagles, it’s a dream scenario. If the Chiefs are looking for pass rush help, names like Marcus Smith and Mychal Kendricks could both be heard in whispers should this scenario ever arise..sweetening the deal, lifting the Eagles salary cap and further pushing the Ship to the right shores.

With ten draft picks this year alone, three of which being compensatory, the Chiefs have what the Eagles want..and the Eagles have what the Chiefs need. A flock of mid-round picks and a first-round pick swap could be sweetened with the addition of a player who may not have a long-term future secure with the Eagles, resulting in a trade that benefits both sides massively.





Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


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