Issue one of our brand new Philadelphia Sports magazine is available now!

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Welcome to the future.

–  = + is a brand new e-magazine, centralizing around the culture surrounding Philadelphia’s sports teams. We live in a society where information is available instantly and journalism has taken a strange turn into vying for clicks due to the changing landscape.

The name itself  “- = +” is designed to be perceptive. What you may read as “less is more”, someone else may see as “in every negative, there’s a positive”. It sets the tone for the stories within. Each piece is written with the aim that no two people will take away the same two views.

Our aim is bring an insight into the lives of some of Philadelphia’s biggest stars that simply cannot be replicated. We’re not here to create rumor and speculation. We’re not here to write on the latest news, reports and whispers. We’re here to talk about what matters.


An Audience of One: Jordan Matthews opens up on his relationship with God, connection with Carson Wentz and the obstacles overcome in the 2016 season.

A Family Man: Eagles tight end Trey Burton discusses the balance of Fatherhood and being a professional athlete.

Philadelphia will always be home: Two Flyers legends open up on what makes the City of Brotherly Love so special.

Defense wins championships: Sean Couturier and Pierre Edouard Bellemare talk about the importance of penalty killing and how they’ve been forced to adapt to an ever changing NHL landscape.

The emotional fire that never burned out: Former Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel tells his side of the story that left many fans scratching their heads. What exactly happened that fateful offseason, in which Samuel was pushed aside in favor of some new talent?


To us, this is everything. It’s why we picked up a pen and why we resonate so strongly with the teams of Philadelphia. This magazine doesn’t contain interviews or features depicting success or focusing on wins and stats. It instead takes a closer look at the issues close to many of our hearts and situations we encounter on a daily basis. This is the future.


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