Eagles Draft: Small School Sleeper Profiles- S/CB Alfred Ansley

10 September 2016: Atlantic Owls player Alfred Ansley 111 walking off the field after warmup during the NCAA football game between the Florida Atlantic Owls and the University of Miami Hurricanes at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Michele Sandberg/Icon Sportswire) (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)

In the game of football, one thing that goes unsaid is the importance of leadership in the locker room. That is exactly who our next Small School Sleeper is, a leader. Alfred Ansley, a defensive back monster from Florida Atlantic University/Savannah State, has the skill set to change the course of a game and the off the field leadership to build a team on.

Much like last weeks profile, on Alabama State’s, Marquell Beckwith, Ansley, isn’t being paraded around as a top prospect. He does not get the notice he deserves, for one reason or another, but like Beckwith, he will be someone to pay attention too.

Sitting down with Alfred, I asked him the same thing I asked all my prospect interviews. Outside of football, who is the real Alfred Ansley?

Outside of football?…I am the most down to earth, family oriented, and approachable guy you will meet in this league. I believe in football, it all starts with the locker room, and I treat it like I do my life. I am someone who you could come to with your problems and even if I don’t have the answer, I will listen, and help you anyway I can.

I was taught at a young age, to show love and respect for your neighbor, and for the people surrounding you, no matter how much you may or may not know them. I am a leader, a true leader, who believes we are all equal, so I will do my best to get to know you, and understand where you are coming from.”

Ansley, a four-star athlete, is a prospect that would fit the Eagles scheme in every way. Capable of playing in man-to-man, zone coverage or single high safety, versatility is a word that defines his play. He has the speed (4.48 40-yard dash time) to play on the outside, along with the coverage ability to take away a slot WR, or Tight-End.

He also has the testicle fortitude to go up and make a big hit. One of his favorite things to do, is come up and make a tackle on a running back, out of the backfield.

“I definitely have no problem, coming up and making a big hit. I believe as a safety, we should be tone setters, so I look to set the tone every time I take the field. One thing I don’t like as a defensive back, is that we get talked about like we don’t or wont hit. That’s the furthest from the truth, I love …really love, coming up in the box and taking away a tight-end, or knocking the snot out of some back.

My best play comes from playing down near the box, I mean, I can play the pass all day. I have the speed to get back there and take away your best guy on offense, but I love getting up there and smacking.

I think I would fit, what you guys do in Philadelphia, I know Coach Schwartz loves versatile guys who play nasty and don’t mind getting dirty. That is me all the way, I fit because of it, I love that style of play. I did it in college, and I will do it in the pro’s.”

With the size and speed to play in the box, but the true back end speed to keep up with any WR type, in the NFL. Ansley, could serve as a true steal, in this Draft, and or as an undrafted Free-agent.

With the Birds’, love of versatility , it is easy to see why he could fit just about anywhere on the field for them. He is a special teams ace, and can play safety and all corner spots, and with talent like that, it is obvious he will be a player the Eagles, need to keep a close eye on.



Photo by Michele Sandberg/Icon Sportswire) (Icon Sportswire via AP Images)