Philly Sports Network Philadelphia Union coverage update


We here at Philly Sports Network love to cover the Union. We want to bring you Union content that is unique to you the fans. Ahead of 2017 we want to give you a Union coverage update.

Tim Lovenguth, our all things Union man, has applied for press passes to half of the Union’s home games this season. A press pass allows the media member to cover the game from the press box and interview players and coaches after the match. We would have loved to be at all games, but alas could not get a Union full-season press pass. We are currently awaiting approval from the Union on the games applied for. Philly Sports Network will be sure to update you on that news when we get confirmation. Since we won’t be able to be in the press box for all of the home games, we have to get creative on how to cover the team at home games.

Philly Sports Network has always been committed to showing Philadelphia’s sports teams toughness. One thing that sets us apart from others in doing this, is showing the fans point of view. Philadelphia fans are passionate, and want to show their passion for their teams. We at Philly Sports Network know how passionate Union fans are. So at home matches in 2017, we will not only be live-tweeting the events of the game, we will also be capturing the true passion of the Philadelphia Union fan.

We will use our Instagram page to capture the atmosphere of the game from the fans perspective. Follow us on Instagram here: phillysportsnetworkThis is something that we will do at every home game if we cannot get into the press box. We hope to bring you the best Union coverage. Showing you, the fans, at Union games is the next way we are changing the way Philadelphia sports are covered.

If you’re a Union fan who want’s to be featured on our Instagram shots, be sure to contact Tim on twitter. You can do that here  (@TGing21). He’ll come find you and get a shot of you enjoying the great atmosphere at Talen Energy Stadium.

Be sure to be on the look out for more content on the Union this coming week from Philly Sports Network. Enjoy the start of 2017 Union fans! I look forward to seeing some of you at home games! Lets go Union!


Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports