WATCH: Eagles WR Rasheed Bailey is already putting in work to kickstart the offseason


They say that there’s no such thing as an offseason for professional athletes. For the Eagles, it’s just a fact. Whether it’s seeing Carson Wentz working out with NFL Draft prospects and Nelson Agholor, or last year’s relentless work-ethic of Jordan Matthews, fans have grown excited to see how their favorite players approach the offseason. It hasn’t taken very long at all for players to begin preparing themselves for a crucial year..and Rasheed Bailey is no exception.

Before Paul Turner exploded onto the scene during preseason, the gritty underdog claiming the preseason “fan favorite” crown was Rasheed Bailey back in 2015. With a more prominent focus than ever on the Eagles wide receivers..Bailey is looking to really throw the Cat among the Pigeons and force his way onto the final roster this time around. That’s not something that happens overnight..and with reinforcements more than likely on the way, he needs to be prepared for an tough battle. The 23-year old posted this video on Twitter, showcasing some eyebrow raising reflexes along some impressive hands.

Prior to being waived by the Jags, the 6’1, 209 pounds, wideout was turning heads in Philadelphia after a strong offseason. Racking up 100 receiving yards and a touchdown on ten receptions during the preseason, Bailey was considered a dark horse to force his way onto the final 53-man roster.

Before being signed by San Diego however after stints with the BC Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars, the Eagles actually out in a claim for the former Dellaware Valley wideout..but were unsuccessful in their bid. Everything happens for a reason however and Bailey will once again find himself competing for a roster spot..only this time the position is far less crowded, for now.

Bailey is now on the same roster as the man who next put on the “preseason hero” cape, Paul Turner. Having one Training camp superstar is exciting enough, but two…at the same position? This could be a sign of an exciting offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles, who are ready to build a solid foundation around Carson Wentz, providing him with plenty of weapons.


Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports