Brian Dawkins and Terrell Owens snubbed from 2017 Hall Of Fame Class


Two Eagles legends came into tonight’s NFL Honors ceremony on the doorstep to immortality, but it’s on the doorstep that they will remain, at least for this year. Neither Brian Dawkins or Terrell Owens were named members of the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Class of 2017.

Both players took to Twitter just moments before the ceremony took place:

In 183 games as an Eagle, Brian Dawkins racked up 34 interceptions and 26 sacks, as well as forcing 36 fumbles and recovering 19. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the leader of the Eagles Defense made six Pro Bowls. He is still the only player in NFL history to attain 25 sacks, interceptions and fumbles during his career.

Dawkins was one of four semifinalists in their first year’s to have been voted into the previous stage and has now gone one further, making the final 15.. Arguably the most dominant defensive player to ever put on an Eagles jersey, Dawkins spent 13 seasons in Philadelphia and was always bound to enter the Hall of Fame, but will he join the immortals next year?

The Terrell Owens debate is one that will likely rage on for another year as the former Eagles wideout continues to be turned away at the last moment. But one thing is for sure, they both deserve to be graced with a Golden jacket.


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports