Flyers “Woo” Capitals, but should the chants come to an end?


So last night I attended the Flyers game against the Washington Capitals. What a great game it was. Great team effort and great goaltending from the “Stone Cold” Steve Mason. The Flyers wound up winning 3-2 in a shootout. The only thing that could upset some fans after this type of divisional showdown was the “wooing” by some fans.

The “Woo” like the nature boy Ric flair started about 3 weeks ago during a game. Travis Konecny from the Flyers hit a player and went “Woo.” During the next few home games fans were overheard yelling “Woo.” Some players after the game publicly came out in displeasure of it in a nice way to tell the fans please stop. It dwindled down over the last few weeks and came to a halt with the exception for a few fans.

During the first period of last nights game a fan sitting in the same section as I yelled “Woo” about 3 times. In the second period he was doing it every time a Capitals player was hit. During the third period other fans sitting in another section were overheard yelling “Woo” along with that fan in my section. With about 2 minutes left in the third period the lower sections of the building started chiming in as well. Some fans in my section to the “Woo” birds demise voiced their displeasure of it. One fan sitting next to me said, “There’s no place in the game for that.” I began to think Flyer fans are the most passionate in all of hockey. We know the team well, and some consider them as family. If some players on the Flyers do not like the “Wooing”, then why do some fans still do it?

To my readers I will leave you with that. Happy holidays and please feel free to comment and give your opinions on this topic. Its greatly appreciated.


Mandatory Credit: Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports