4th July marks the start of Eagles San Diego workouts


Many of us are enjoying a long weekend to celebrate the 4th of July..but not all of us. It was noted in June that some of the Eagles were going to be organizing a week of workouts and bonding in San Diego..and they’re pretty hyped about it.


Starting quarterback Sam Bradford hosted Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz in Oklahoma earlier this year for a similar purpose..but with training camp drawing near, the Eagles seem intent on getting a head start on the competition.

A selection of Eagles players did something similar last year too..but this time all three quarterbacks will be present as well as some key members of the Offense. Bradford was unable to attend last year due to the rehabbing of his knee.

The location choice was simple. A few notable Eagles players already train in San Diego, including running backs Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews, tight end Zach Ertz and new backup quarterback Chase Daniel.

The date may seem a little early..but what better way to bond with your teammates than during a period in which family and friends come together and celebrate? It’s all about building on the foundations lay down last year and developing relationships.

For Carson Wentz, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know his new teammates in a relaxed environment and build up an even better chemistry with quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel.

From new personnel to new players, it’s been a very transitional offseason for Eagles and it could well have been a period that left the team destabilized. Instead, the players are coming together and doing everything they can re-establish the heart of the team that began to fade under the tutelage of Chip Kelly.


Photo credit: AP Photo/Steven Senne