Howie Roseman says Carson Wentz reminds him of Brent Celek


Carson Wentz has been compared to plenty of NFL Quarterbacks in the last few months, but he’s never been compared to a Tight least until now.

Eagles Executive Vice President Of Football Operations Howie Roseman appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show “The Herd” yesterday to talk about the last few weeks in Philadelphia. When asked about the first moment in which the Eagles fell in love with Carson Wentz, Howie Roseman responded by talking about watching him at the Senior Bowl and more interestingly, what happened after.

“After we met him I called our owner and he said “Who does he remind you of?” and I said Brent Celek. Mid-western values, tough, hard-nosed, very likable, great presence. And he’s got that, he’s got a presence about him that you just, you want to be around he fits our city. He’s got a personality that fits our city and he plays with incredible passion.”

Of all the comparisons we have heard over the past few weeks, this has to be the most interesting. For Howie Roseman to see traits of Brent Celek, a man who is going to one day retire having played his entire career in’s certainly an encouraging sign.



Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports